Romantic door decoration for the wedding

For the wedding, the house is decorated inside and out for the festive occasion. This also includes an attractive door decoration, which can also be attached to the front door on the eve of the wedding. So it is clear to all passers-by: “This is where a wedding is celebrated.” Even if the wedding is not celebrated in the house, it is common for many families to decorate the front door with a beautiful ornament. This way, the couple can still enjoy the festive atmosphere and wedding mood at home a little.

What type of door decoration is suitable for wedding

How you decorate the front door for the wedding depends of course on your own taste and also on the style of the wedding. The type of front door can also determine which jewelry you will use. The following ideas are commonly used:

    • – wreath of green branches
    • – balloon chain
    • – garlands
    • – flower arrangement with a large bow

It is also important to think about how the door decoration should be attached. Especially if it is a heavy flower arrangement, it will often be necessary to attach one or more hooks to the door that can hold the weight. One should inquire about self-adhesive hooks so that the door is not damaged.

Throw the front door as a nice custom

In some areas, it is common for neighbors to decorate the bride’s front door the evening before the wedding. Traditionally, a wreath of green fir branches is woven, which is decorated with white flowers made of fabric or paper. The braiding of the wreath is done by the women, while it is the task of the men to attach the wreath to the door. After the work is done, it is customary for the newlyweds to invite the hardworking workers to a drink.

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