The perfect complement to the veil – the tiara for the wedding

Since Kate Middleton married her Prince William in 2011 with a veil and tiara, the popularity of tiaras has not only increased with English weddings. More and more women are fulfilling the girl’s dream of being a princess for a whole day. With a veil and tiara, every wedding becomes a fairy tale.

Wedding jewelry for princesses

Originally, as a tiara  in ancient times a narrow headband, which served only to hold back the hair, called. Later, the crown byzantine rulers and the cone-shaped Papsthaube were also called tiaras. At the court of monarchies, ladies’ tiaras were especially popular. To this day, the tiara to bridal veil has remained a part of the royal traditions at royal weddings.

The Diadem is made of bent metal and can lie completely flat like a hairband on the head. A second variant is a headdress with a wider, elegantly decorated central part, which protrudes upwards and is thus very nice to see from the front. The tiaras are usually attached with small combs at the ends of the metal.

On it the style of the Diadems should be adjusted

bridal hairstyle
bridal jewelry
wedding dress
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bridesmaid dress

So woman is combining the tiara

For a tiara to look elegant and stylish on a wedding day, the right combination is particularly important. Decisive here is, for example, which style has the bridal gown and also what hairstyle the bride wishes on her wedding day.

The choice of possible tiaras is enormous. There are, for example, in subtle variations for the registry office or something more conspicuous with ornaments of rhinestones, pearls and flowers. The choice of precious metal is up to the bride, with gold and silver being the two most popular materials. Generally, the following rule applies when wearing a diadem as a wedding jewelry: the more conspicuous the diadem is for the wedding, the more restrained dress, jewelry and hairstyle choose.

A romantic, ornate tiara fits best with simple dresses, as they do not distract from the beautiful headdress. On the other hand, a playful, girly bridal gown with lots of details would make a lavish tiara completely oppressive and overloaded.

Tip: Decorate the decorations of the diadem to match the remaining (hair) jewelry.

The right hairstyle for tiara and veil

Although a diadem is not necessarily a veil, this combination is especially popular. The reason for this is the seductive-mysterious effect of the veil, which is reinforced in connection with a diadem. Many tiaras already have pre-made eyelets on which a veil can be easily attached.

Attention: Before the wedding, you should test the fit of the diadem at a trial hairstyle.

One of Tiaras’ biggest advantages is that, depending on the type, they fit almost any bridal hairstyle and are guaranteed to work with any hair length. Especially for brides with short hair, which offers only a limited selection of possible hairstyles, a diadem can change the look completely and ensures guaranteed for a visual highlight.

Of course, tiaras can also be worn to longer hair. For example, delicate tiaras in open hair look very youthful and girlish. For the most comfortable fit, the ends of the tiara can be easily bent and adapted to the dream hairstyle. Again, the more dramatic the hairstyle, the more discreet the diadem should be.

Matching diadem to the wedding veil

The perfect complement to the veil – the diadem. To give the hairstyle the last shine or to fulfill the princess room, the diadem is probably the icing on the cake under the wedding accessories. The small crown with great elegance, whether subtly decorative or with royal Bracht, must not miss any wedding and behind the variety of tiaras klitzert for each princess the right one out.

Here are some other useful wedding planning tips.

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