Wedding decoration – with love for decoration

The hearts for decoration fans beat much higher – our lovingly arranged ideas for your wedding decoration! Here are some tips on table decoration and other areas of wedding decoration – e.g. Flower decoration for wedding or car decoration, …

Wedding decoration – eye candy and more

The decoration for the wedding adds much to the mood of the wedding celebration. By certain decorative elements one can highlight, for example, the story of the bride and groom or common hobbies: has the couple met by the sea, offers maritime decorative elements, music makes the couple, you can use sheet music as menu cards. Even if the bridal couple has a favorite color, you can arrange the decoration for the wedding afterwards. We offer many ideas in our color worlds. Decoration for the wedding can look more than beautiful.

Flowers for wedding – blooming statements

Flowers are part of every wedding. Here, the bridal bouquet sets the tone, he sets the style according to which the entire flower decoration should be directed to the wedding. The colors of the bridal bouquet should be reflected in the flower arrangements in registry office and church, on the table decoration and the lapels of the groomsmen or all the male visitors. However, if one knows what the respective flower means, then one can give the floral decoration for the wedding even a deeper meaning.

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