Cupcakes for the wedding – small, practical, individual

A classic, multi-story wedding cake looks just irresistible, no question. A now popular alternative, the sweet highlight of any wedding celebration, are so-called cupcakes.

Cupcakes take their name from the original idea of simply bake cakes in the cup. Cupcakes can also be a suitable idea for the wedding buffet, as you will save on the crockery effort, and every guest can easily take their cupcakes into their own hands.

In addition, there is no big question as to who actually had the hand on top when cutting the wedding cake and thus set the tone in the fresh marriage …

Cupcakes for the wedding – the new trend to the wedding

Cupcakes as an alternative to the wedding cake are taking the wedding world  and are very versatile. Many bride and groom opt for the trendy variant of the wedding cake and convince every sweet tooth among the wedding guests. Cupcakes are decorative, have a handy size and can be individually designed – a great way for the bridal couple to put their personal touch on each of the small wedding cake or to adapt the cupcakes to the wedding motto. You do not have to do without a cake piece when it comes to cupcakes! You can make pie figures, e.g. Place on the top floor of Bonboniere or in the middle of cupcakes, depending on your mood.

Simple (and) good: cupcakes!

Of course you can also order cupcakes from the confectioner you trust, but the idea is that you can cheaply taste your own taste – and decorate your own imagination.

And what is even more practical, you simply hire someone from the family to make the good cupcakes. However, in this case you should insist on one or two samples of the cupcakes in advance, without being offensive …

At least there are no limits for cupcakes.

Cupcakes – ideas for the wedding

In the form of a candy bar, cupcakes can be draped on a colorfully decorated dessert table at the wedding reception and distributed to the wedding guests instead of a wedding cake. Each guest can, depending on their hunger, taste one or two wedding tarts of their choice. Depending on the taste, the bride and groom can also include the cupcake frosting in the wedding motto, creating a perfect look for the wedding decoration. Even as a substitute for gifts, the wonderful cupcakes in small cardboard boxes, as a reminder of the wonderful wedding, give away. Place the gift boxes on the plates of your wedding guests and attach a small thank you message to an organza ribbon, the perfect gift is ready! For the hen party the feminine pastry is also a great idea. Serve cupcakes in a girlish design for Prosecco and look forward to the positive feedback from your girlfriends.

Taste in all variants: cupcakes!

One, two, or all kinds of cupcakes? The selection of possible flavors in cupcakes is almost endless. A maximum of three different versions of cupcakes make sure that every guest will find the cupcake that he likes. Here are a few suggestions that are relatively easy to implement:

Cupcakes with:

– chocolate
– orange flavor
– vanilla flavor
– advocaat
– coconut
– brown sugar and buttermilk
– bananas
– blueberries
– pineapple and nuts, …

As creme hoods are suitable

– chocolate butter cream
– Butter crème with white chocolate
– Lemon Buttercream and much more

And since wedding cupcakes are expected to be the “icing on the cake”, they should of course also be concluded with fondant florets, sugar pearls or multi-colored cream orders!

Cupcakes – that’s what makes the tartlets special

Already in the 19th century Jane Austen wrote about the delicacy of loose dough and sensual cream and praised the cupcakes in the highest tones. But at the latest after the girls from “Sex and the City” served stylish cupcakes with little shoes on their parties, the tartlet is also cult here in Germany. But what exactly are Cupcakes? Cupcakes are the fine and decorative relatives of muffins, but they are less decorated and filigree. The creamy cupcakes, with lovingly decorated sugar hoods, however, are always a small work of art made of dough.