Crystals Wedding – a small milestone after 15 years of marriage

For wedding anniversaries, most couples look forward to the 25th anniversary of their marriage, which marks the first major milestone. But there are also anniversaries in between that should definitely be celebrated. This includes, for example, the 15th wedding anniversary, which is also known as the Crystal Wedding. Many couples celebrate this anniversary in intimate togetherness with an elegant dinner in a restaurant or something similar. However, other couples also use the crystal wedding as an occasion to invite friends and family again and to spend a few hours together.

Crystals Wedding – customs for the crystal wedding

If you decide to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary, the decoration can be quite simple. This wedding day is all about glass. Items such as:

glasses and bottles
– glass figures
– crystal candlestick

are great for creating an atmosphere that fits this special day. The guests also maintain some customs for the crystal wedding. This includes filling the house and yard with bottles overnight. When the couple wakes up, they face this typical wedding surprise. Of course, this surprise can also be understood as a direct request that the bottle dispensers now expect a little attention in the form of a drink. If gifts are to be made, objects made of crystal, such as beautiful wine or champagne glasses, are also suitable.

The importance of crystal on the wedding day

The name crystal wedding naturally has a symbolic meaning and points to several parallels. After fifteen years of marriage, the couple knows each other well and can often see through themselves. Thus, the partners with 15 wedding years are as transparent to each other as crystal. Glass is also tough, and marriage has also grown over the years. Nevertheless, it is still as fragile as glass and must be treated and cared for accordingly.

Here you will find useful tips for planning the wedding so that your party will be a complete success.