Crafting wedding for the DIY celebration

With a little manual skill, you can make many items that are needed for the wedding, even. It not only saves money, but can also spend many beautiful hours crafting for the wedding in the company of girlfriends and create different projects together. If you start early with the crafting, you have the opportunity to make very individual wedding items that give the wedding a special character. In addition, you can usually save a lot, if you do not have to buy all the items finished and so much easier to keep the wedding budget.

Ideas for crafting for the wedding

If you have decided to do handicrafts at the wedding, then the imagination knows no bounds. It is advisable to first determine in which colors and in which style you would like to design the wedding. Then you can start designing and creating a variety of articles. These include, for example:

invitation cards

table decration

place cards

flower decoration

chair covers

car jewelry


Especially in the decoration of ballroom and church you can show his talent. So you can determine the atmosphere of the wedding and the festivities a very personal stamp on. That is why good planning and careful execution is of paramount importance. So you can surprise the guests with a beautiful decoration, which is made entirely in personal style.

Seek help for crafting

Anyone who has decided to make decoration and other items for the wedding itself faces a large project. Therefore, it is often advisable to ask friends and family members for help. Many of the women often have special talents for crafting weddings, as well as for handwriting for invitation cards or flower arrangements to create decorations. In this way, the work can be done as a team and you can finish many work in time for the wedding.

Wedding crafts – most beautiful expression of anticipation

The decoration is an important part of the wedding, with which one can create atmosphere and express individuality. If you are a little skilful in your craft, you can create a series of pretty decorations by yourself, saving not only the money for a decorator and more expensive decorations, but also spend every idle minute doing handicrafts for the wedding, and in this way the weeks of the wedding To experience anticipation even more intensively. Of course you can also ask for the help of friends in the crafting and get creative in a happy round. Many helpers also bring with them special talents in needlework, which can be useful.

Ideas for the wedding for crafting

There are many little things that can be crafted for the wedding and with which you can start months before the wedding. For example, once a temporary guest list has been created, you can start designing original place cards that are labeled with beautiful letters. Menu cards can also be designed for the table. Even with the gifts you can convince with homemade gifts. A decorated picture frame or a painted jam jar spark enthusiasm among the guests and are a very personal thank you. Some of the best ideas for making your own include:

  • -invitation cards
  • -table decoration
  • -flower arrangements
  • garlands

In the crafting of the wedding you can let the imagination run wild and guarantee in this way, to use really unique elements in your own wedding.

Pay attention to the wedding theme

The crafts should be planned right at the beginning, so that a wedding theme is created. For example, it may be a specific color combination. This theme should be found in all articles used for the wedding. It is advisable to buy tapes, crepe paper and cardboard in sufficient quantities for all projects. So you are sure to be able to use the same colors and not having to buy more.

Handicrafts Wedding: Fold napkins for the bride and groom yourself

The tinkering for the wedding takes a lot of time. But tinkering is also fun. You can certainly help the bridal couple with the decoration by folding napkins themselves. First and foremost, you have to talk to the bridal couple and decide on the shape of the napkins, the color and the material. This is very important. The material must be high quality, otherwise it will be difficult to fold the napkins. It is best to choose the color suitable for the wedding and the theme. There are many forms that you can make yourself. The selection of the best form is therefore not so easy to choose. You may be able to buy a crafting book where folding options for napkins can be found. Also on the Internet there are different instructions. If you have a hard time with manuals, youtube videos are probably the most helpful. You can make the napkins at the same time as the Youtuber in the video and also stop them if that’s too fast for you and rewind. That’s a great opportunity.

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