Nice gifts for the cotton wedding

On the second anniversary after the wedding, the Cotton Wedding is celebrated. The symbolism behind this name is easy to explain. Cotton is soft and malleable in the first stages of processing and not as firm as the final product. Even the marriage, which has been in existence for only a year, is not yet sufficiently strong and the couple must work constantly to consolidate the relationship. For this first wedding anniversary, there are various gift ideas, with which one can make the young couple a pleasure.

Nice gift ideas for the friends

Often it is customary to celebrate the first wedding anniversary among the closest friends who played an important role at the wedding. If you are invited to such a wedding day, it is a good idea to give articles that are made of cotton. This includes:

– bed linen
– towels
– dishtowels

For a young couple, such household items are often a welcome addition to the household. The items can be embroidered with the couple’s monogram. This creates a very personal gift, which once again gives so much pleasure.

Gifts for the partner to the cotton wedding

Many couples prefer to spend the cotton wedding day for two. On the one hand, it offers a wonderful moment for romantic togetherness and on the other hand, many couples are still drawn by the endless stress of the wedding preparations and may not think again about a party. A popular gift that his wife’s husband can make is a theater or movie visit followed by an elegant dinner. But gifts can also be presented. If one wishes to underline the tradition of cotton, underwear or nightwear made of cotton is suitable. For the wife, jewelry for the cotton wedding anniversary as well as all other following wedding days is also a gift idea, with which one can make a great pleasure as a husband.

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