Wedding Cosmetics – beautiful for the big day

Cosmetics are an important topic for the bride, especially before the wedding. After all, she also wants to look perfect for the most important day in her life. The cosmetic program should therefore start some time before the wedding. Even weeks before the wedding, the bride should make an appointment with the beautician to have a thorough cleaning and skin care. This treatment should be repeated about two weeks before the wedding. Well-groomed, healthy skin provides the best basis for successful make-up on the wedding day. Appointments for manicures and pedicures should also be made two or three days before the wedding, so that there are not too many things to do for the last day. A massage can work wonders in the days before the wedding and counteract the hectic and stress of the wedding preparations.

Wedding Cosmetic – The last preparations on the big day

Make-up and bridal hairstyle should of course be selected and tried out long before the wedding. From the natural boho look to the shiny divas appearance, there are as many options for make-up as for choosing a wedding dress. For the morning of the wedding, an appointment for make-up and hairdressing is set so that the bride can begin her styled day of honor. However, many brides who prefer a natural look do without professional make-up and put on their own make-up. You should pay attention to some cosmetic tips to achieve an excellent result:

– Treat the cleaned skin with face mist and moisturizer
– After the foundation, balance out dark shadows with concealer
– Make a perfect lip makeup with two lipstick colors
– Use only brow gel for natural eyebrows

Lipstick and powder box are essential in the bridal bag. During the long day it will be necessary to refresh the make-up several times. This is how the bride looks perfect in all the photos.

Here you will find lots of useful tips for planning the wedding so that nothing stands in the way of a successful wedding.