Nice gift ideas for the Copper Wedding

The seventh wedding anniversary is also known as the Copper Wedding. Although this is not one of the wedding days that is celebrated large in most families, it has a special relevance. The seventh year of marriage is often called the darn seventh year and is known for difficulties between spouses. Those who get through this year well have earned a reward and are welcome to celebrate the Copper Wedding Anniversary with friends and family. If you are invited to the celebration, you naturally want to bring a gift that fits this wedding day and makes the couple happy.

Copper Wedding Gift – copper and the number seven

All copper objects are suitable for a Copper Wedding. For example, you can choose from the following ideas:

– copper kettle
– engraved copper plate
– copper engraving

But gifts around the number seven are also an original idea. For example, seven Piccolos sparkling wines are a nice surprise for the couple. If you know the couple very well, you can also record a CD with the couple’s seven romantic favorite songs. Such a gift can be enjoyed again and again in quiet moments for two.

Gift ideas for husband and wife

The couples can of course also give each other gifts that go wonderfully with the Copper Wedding. So the wife is certainly delighted with a finely crafted copper bangle, or even with seven long-stemmed roses that can be presented in a copper vase. The right gift can also be found for the husband. A copper drinking bottle is a piece of jewelry for the study and seven tickets for the games of his favorite football club are sure to provoke enthusiasm. It is also a wonderful idea to give yourself something together. A short break of seven is an excellent way to celebrate the copper wedding. In this way, the marriage bonds are strengthened and you can spend relaxing moments in intimate togetherness.

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