Wedding Confetti for exuberant happiness

Confetti is always a symbol of exuberant celebrations and undisturbed happiness. So it is no wonder that confetti is also thrown at the wedding, so that the bridal couple can celebrate. It has long been customary to receive the bride and groom with a rain of confetti in front of the church or in front of the registry office. In many places, however, confetti is no longer welcome at weddings because it leaves heavy soiling. So the customs changed when greeting the guests after the wedding. But in the private area you can still enjoy the little colorful dots made of paper and throw the couple to the heart of the ballroom with glittering confetti for the wedding.

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Wedding Confetti – Received in various shapes

Confetti is not just confetti and you can choose between many different designs. Therefore, you should take a look at the selection and buy the perfect confetti for your own wedding. The options include:

– gold tones
– colorful confetti
– iridescent confetti
– heart shaped confetti

With such a selection, a native reception is guaranteed for the newlyweds and the wedding party can start on a happy note.

Confetti as a decorative element

Confetti breaks the light in a special way and covers the ballroom with an enchanted look. That is why confetti is often used for wedding decorations. Colorful confetti looks great at the candy bar and you can choose golden or silver confetti for the table decoration, which creates a festive note. However, confetti decoration should be limited to the middle part of the table and the sides left blank. In this way, the confetti does not stick to the arms of the guests when eating, which is often perceived as annoying.

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