Wedding fun with the confetti cannon

Confetti is wonderful fun at the wedding, which perfectly emphasizes the exuberant holiday mood. With a confetti cannon, it is once again so much fun to distribute the colorful confetti particles. Confetti can be used for different purposes at the wedding:

table decoration
– to greet the newlyweds after the church or the registry office
– for a party mood on the dance floor

However, it is important to inquire whether the use of the confetti cannon is permitted if you want to use it in public places in front of the registry office or the church. In many places, confetti is forbidden today because the small confetti remains are difficult to remove from the ground. In a private setting, however, you can of course let the confetti cannon run free.

What confetti cannons are there?

You can use very different models of confetti cannons at the wedding. The most popular today are disposable cannons, which can be bought in the wedding shop or in shops for party accessories. These are often referred to as party popper and have a size between 10 centimeters and one meter. To fire the cannons, part of the cannon is usually turned against the other. Some cannons also have a trigger. The confetti is ejected with the help of compressed air and when it is triggered there is a bang. Some of these confetti cannons can have interesting shapes, such as a champagne bottle. For the wedding, cannons that spray little hearts as confetti are particularly popular.

Rent big confetti cannons

At a large wedding party, the professional confetti cannons, which are also used for large stage shows, are fun. Such a cannon runs on liquefied gas and allows the user to rain several kilograms of confetti over the guests for a few minutes. You can rent such a cannon from a party accessories company.

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