The best ideas for common Wedding Games

Games are fun and the games also have their place at the wedding. There are numerous wedding games that have a long tradition and are always played at weddings. Of course, the most beautiful games are those in which the bridal couple and the guests take part in the games. Such games are guaranteed to create a good mood and help to make the wedding celebration a complete success. Of course, the bridal couple has many obligations at the wedding, so there is often not time to take care of the games. A best man or close friend is therefore usually entrusted with organizing the games. You can always come up with great ideas that will delight both the par and the guests.

Common wedding games: 52 wedding postcards

A wonderful game that contributes to the entertainment of the guests is the postcard game. In the process, a postcard will be filled out by 52 guests at the festival. Each postcard is marked with a week number. After the wedding the postcard will be sent to you according to your week number. For a whole year after the wedding, the bride and groom get a pretty postcard that reminds them of the wedding day and the dear wishes of the guests. For this one needs:

– set of 52 cute printed postcards
– stamps
– ballpoint pen to fill

The completed and franked cards should be handed over to a particularly responsible person, who then sends the cards weekly.

Log saws as a fun Wedding Game

One of the most popular games played by the bride and groom is sawing the tree trunk. In the process, the bride and groom receive a hacksaw, with which they now have to cut through a tree trunk that is standing by on two wooden stands. When the work is done, the guests sign on the cut surfaces, transforming the tree trunk into a great memento.

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