Wedding Church Jewelry – Tasty ideas

The wedding church decorations give the ceremony a special festivity and can consist of flowers and other decorative elements. Before planning, it is advisable to consult with the pastor or priest to find out if there are any restrictions on church decorations. So you can save yourself nasty surprises on the wedding day.

Church Jewelry: choose jewelry for benches and altar

The pews as well as the altar and possibly also the church door are generally preferred for attaching church decorations at the wedding. When choosing the jewelry, the equipment of the church is also decisive. In a church with rich decorations, simple floral decorations work best. However, if the church is rather simple, you can conjure up a wonderful overall picture with flowers in bright colors. In addition to flowers, the following decorative items can be used:

– grind
– pearl ribbons
– wedding carpet

If possible, the church decoration for the wedding should also match the rest of the wedding decoration. The flowers, which are attached to the church pews without vases, for example, should only be included in the decoration shortly before the ceremony so that they are also fresh. A wedding carpet is an optical enrichment for church decoration and also serves a practical purpose. If flowers are scattered, they remain on the carpet and do not contaminate the church floor.

Decoration of the church door: the first impression

The church wedding is the beginning of a festive day and the guests usually arrive before the ceremony and linger in front of the church in conversation. That is why it is also a wonderful idea to decorate the church door from the outside in order to prepare the guests for the special day. Flower arrangements and flower wreaths or even green plants are suitable for this, which can be decorated with ribbons in a decorative manner. Ornate trees can be placed in pots to the left and right of the door.

Decorate the benches with church decorations

You shouldn’t overdo the church decorations. Decorate the benches with flowers on the side. You can put beautiful ribbon flowers on the benches. If you don’t want to choose flowers, you can use light bags instead. It is a nice change and the light of the candles creates a romantic mood. Match the decoration to the color.

You can also place red rose petals on the wedding carpet. This always looks great. But white rose petals are also welcome. Basically, you don’t have to decorate a lot in the church, because these are already decorated by themselves (chandeliers,…).

Make church jewelry yourself

Crafting has the advantage that you can do everything exactly according to your own ideas. The bows are not difficult to tinker with. Choose pearls and a couple of different bows. Then you should connect two different loops together. Finally, sew a few beads on it and voila. You can also write something like the initials on the back.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning for an unforgettable wedding day.