Church booklet for the wedding designed attractively

When designing a church wedding, a church booklet must also be designed, with which the wedding guests can be informed about the liturgy and at the same time read the lyrics. Such a church booklet for weddings is becoming increasingly important today, as many couples actively participate in the design of the church wedding and also bring in their own song suggestions, the texts of which are not familiar to all guests. The church booklet can be designed by various providers in an attractive way, so that it is a beautiful souvenir of the wedding for the guests in addition to the practical value.

This creates a perfect church booklet

The church booklet looks most elegant when it is provided with a tasteful cover page. This can be, for example, a photograph of the bride and groom with the wedding date. Attention should be paid to further aspects:

– good quality of the paper
– print large enough so that lyrics can be read easily
– must have the name of the newlyweds

When presenting the church booklet for the wedding, it is particularly appealing to roll up the booklet and tie it with a satin ribbon. In this form, the church booklet can also be placed on the pews without fear of being blown away by the wind.

Create church booklet yourself

While most bridal couples choose to have their church book printed professionally, some also choose to make the booklet themselves. This work is quite complex, but with skill and creativity you can create a very individual booklet that you can be proud of. You should definitely have a powerful printer available that also prints in color and also make sure that you use high quality, strong paper. The cover of the homemade church booklet can also be decorated with decorations that are applied individually by hand, such as stickers or glossy spray.

Choose the right format for it

First select the format for the church book. After that, you need to determine how you want to design it. You can place a photo on the first page. The booklet could then e.g. stand:

– her name
– the wedding date
– a quote or saying

Decorate it nicely and voilà, you’re done!