China Wedding celebrating the 20th anniversary of marriage

After 20 years of marriage you can celebrate the China Wedding. The name suggests that the marriage is already well established and has become as hard and resistant as china. Nevertheless, caution must be exercised. China can break if not handled with care, and the same fate can still happen to marriage after 20 years. Therefore, it is important to maintain the relationship. Nevertheless, one can proudly look back on 20 years spent together and let friends and family celebrate it properly.

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China Wedding Gift / Info

A widespread China Wedding is used by the wife. A new soup bowl is bought, even if the old one is still in good condition. The purchase of the new bowl means that you have reached a certain prosperity since the wedding and can now afford a new soup bowl. The old soup bowl can be smashed, because broken glass brings luck. In addition, breaking the bowl breaks all anger that may have pent up in marriage and turns it up. Another custom is staged by the couple’s neighbors. On the eve of the wedding day, the couple’s door is decorated with a wreath of leaves. In order to do justice to the special anniversary, cups, plates and other objects made of china are incorporated into this wreath. The couple reciprocates with a drink.

Porcelain wedding gifts

If you want to bring a gift for the 20th wedding anniversary, this should be based on the motto of the wedding day: china. So you can choose between many attractive china items, such as:

– set of plates and cups
– flower vases
– china decorative bowls
– espresso cups

There is an infinite list of items that are practical in the household and are therefore a welcome gift for a China wedding.

The most beautiful gifts for a China Wedding

Couples celebrate the China Wedding in quite different ways. While some couples are planning a big celebration with family and friends, others prefer to spend a romantic date for two that day. In any case, the couple should give each other gifts to express gratitude and appreciation for years spent together. When choosing a gift, you can choose the budget that is available. It is important that you choose wisely, for example, that the partner gives pleasure. Since this is the China Wedding, gifts made from this material are particularly popular. Sometimes, however, couples also decide to enjoy a shared experience instead of individual gifts:

– a weekend in a wellness hotel
– an elegant dinner in the restaurant
– a visit to the opera or theater

Such a gift idea is romantic and brings new impetus to the relationship even after 20 years of marriage.

Gifts for Her

If the husband wants to give his wife gifts, there are many items made of china to choose from. There are pretty china jewelry and a new set of dishes is sure to delight the woman of the house. Of course you can also buy another piece of jewelry and pack it in a pretty china box. 20 roses that are given away in a china vase are also a wonderful gift for the 20th wedding anniversary.

Gifts for Him

The wife often finds it more difficult to find suitable china gifts for her husband. But there are also beautiful articles made of china for men, which can be a pleasure. How about a chess game with china figures? A herbal liqueur, which is filled in a fine china bottle, can be just the thing to delight the husband on the wedding day.

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