Champagne for the wedding – a noble drink for the special occasion

This is a special drink that gives a special touch to festive occasions and is therefore essential for the wedding. The champagne can be served in different ways at the wedding. Many couples give a small champagne reception just after the wedding in front of the church or the registry office. This is a very elegant solution, where you can host quite a few guests who will not be attending the wedding. At a small wedding, often only a champagne reception is given. Of course, champagne is always in demand at the celebration in order to toast the bridal couple.

Serve champagne for the wedding properly

Of course, champagne should be served in style. First of all, these include the right glasses. Narrow, long glasses in tulip or flute form are best suited. In this type of glasses, the taste unfolds optimally and the bead play is particularly attractive. It is also important to note the correct temperature of the champagne. It should be served at a temperature between 6 and 9 ° C. For this you can put the champagne before serving in a bucket with ice water. At a wedding reception, larger quantities of champagne are often needed, so it is advisable to provide sufficient cooling options, so that the champagne can be served at any time perfectly tempered.

Champagne as a gift for the bride and groom

A good bottle of champagne is also an ideal wedding gift that the bridal couple is happy about. In addition one can decide for a gift set, in which beside the champagne also two glasses are contained. The glasses can be engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date, giving the gift a very personal character. So the couple can think back to the wedding party for a long time while using the glasses.

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