Chalkboards as an original wedding decoration

You can choose the most different types of chalkboards to make the decoration varied and interesting. Some purposes for which chalkboards can be used include:

– chalkboards as signpost
– chalkboards with the seating arrangement
– slates with different inscriptions

The beautiful plates are not only decorative, but also serve to convey certain information to the guests. For example, the signposts can lead to the cake buffet and you can also write the menu on a slate with chalk.

Chalboards for weddings can be used in a variety of ways at the celebration. You can make the guests aware of something specific or just have a fun or meaningful saying. The places where boards are most commonly used include:

– about certain hotspots at the wedding (guestbook, bars)
– in the photo box
– as a guidepost
– as decoration at a wedding with slogan

The boards often contain a fun invitation to attend the various activities offered at the wedding and ensure that no one misses out on beautiful entertainment options, such as the photo booth. You also save the hosts many explanations about the individual attractions. Tables also often contain funny sayings, statements or mottos matching the theme of the wedding.

Wedding Chalkboards – signpost on the wedding

A field of application for signs are signposts. Creative and informative, they save the guests a long search for the right hotspot. Balloons in the form of speech bubbles are a real eye-catcher.

Slates as a great idea for the DIY weddingTafeln Hochzeit

Anyone planning a DIY wedding is perfectly advised with slates that can be described with chalk. The nostalgic character of these plates is romantic and very decorative. In addition, they provide a lot of flexibility, as they can be provided with different labels as desired. From the “Welcome” board at the entrance to the ballroom to the menu board on the dining tables, these tables serve numerous purposes. Panels with the names of the bride and groom or pretty sayings about the theme of wedding, which can be artfully decorated anywhere in the hall as a decoration, also look very pretty.

So the chalkboards for the wedding are described

If you decide for circular chalkboard, there are several ways to label them. If the boards are used as signs, and only one or two words are written in large letters, then chalk is very well suited. But if smaller font should be used, such as for the menu, so eddings and finer pens, which you should buy, if you want to decorate with boards. With different thickness pens you can decorate the panels on the sides with beautiful patterns that make a real eye-catcher.

Here are some useful wedding planning tips to make the day of the day!