Decoration with chair covers / runners / wedding fabrics

You can contribute a lot to wedding decorations with beautiful fabrics. In rented ballrooms, even large wall areas can be easily and uniformly decorated with fabric panels, and wonderful decorations can also be created with fabric and ribbons for the decoration of chairs and tables. If you have decided on the color theme of the wedding, you can look for the right fabrics and with a little skill you can implement even the most beautiful decoration ideas.

Wedding Chair Covers – create noble seating

There is usually an honor table at the wedding reception, where the bride and groom as well as the best man and closest relatives take a seat. This table is particularly eye-catching so that you can see from a distance that the bride is sitting there. Chair covers are a wonderful idea to transform normal chairs into sumptuous seating that is worthy of the bride. In addition, the chairs are decorated with satin or organza chair bows, which further contributes to a festive aspect. When choosing gauntlets you should pay attention to the following points:

– suitable for the dimensions of the chair
– colorful to match the wedding theme
– washable

The chair covers can also be used later for other festivities. If you buy models with a high proportion of stretch, they can also be used for different chairs and adapt to the shape.

Combine chair bows and table runners

The table looks particularly elegant if you choose chair loops and table runners from the same material. You can choose between many beautiful colors that contrast with the chair cover and tablecloth.

Elegant chair covers for your wedding

At the wedding party, great importance is attached to the perfect decoration and festively laid tables. In fact, a large part of the wedding budget is used to make the location as attractive as possible for the guests. However, there is often a problem when it comes to seating. While tables are hidden under festive tablecloths, the chairs remain visible to all eyes and often simply do not match the elegant overall picture. But this problem can be easily remedied if you recognize it in good time. With beautiful chair covers you can conjure up a little masterpiece from every chair that is worthy of the wedding.

What are chair covers?

The word chair cover is derived from the French term “housse”, which can be translated as “cover” or “protective cover”. The chair bases are either tailored to a chair or can be selected from a fabric with a stretch component so that they adapt well to the chair. The chair covers are available in different materials. This includes:

– linen
– satin
– microfiber
– twill

The covers for the chairs can be rented in different colors, so you don’t have to buy them yourself. Washing and ironing are usually included in the rental price.

Check the seating in the ballroom in good time

If you take care of the seating arrangement for the wedding, you should also pay attention to the state of the seating. Rental chairs are often in an unattractive condition and can be given a completely different look by chair covers. However, it is advisable to make inquiries in good time where they can be obtained in the correct size. They should also be available a few days before the festival, because this way you can still decorate them with beautiful ribbons and large bows in the colors of the wedding and thus further enhance the elegant effect. Chair covers are one of the important details that should be noted on the checklist so that they are not forgotten.

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