Casual Wedding – a new trend prevails

Many couples today want to make their wedding less formal and look for ways to make a casual wedding that does not go according to the established traditions. If you wish to create your own wedding in a new way today, you should talk to your partner about the idea of ​​a casual wedding. Basic features of such a wedding are:

– simple design
– simplicity
– informal atmosphere

Design of the Casual Wedding

When planning a casual wedding, be sure to choose a location that suits a casual gathering. An old farmhouse, the garden in the parents’ house or even a park can provide an excellent background for such a wedding. Even the choice of decoration and flowers is simply impossible at such a wedding. For example, simple seasonal flowers can be chosen, which are distributed in simple containers on the tables. The menu is also characterized by its simplicity in the casual wedding. Sometimes grilled is served, often there is also a cold buffet with local products and various salads. A wine from the region fits perfectly. Clothes of the bride and groom also adapt to the informal character. It is allowed, what pleases, but should be waived on great elegance and numerous accessories. Bohème-style clothing is a hot favorite at a casual wedding.

Guest at the Casual Wedding

If you are invited to a casual wedding, the same strict dress code applies as at formal weddings. In fact, guests can let their creativity run free when it comes to choosing the outfit for the wedding celebration. A summer dress, pants and skirt or a jumpsuit can be just the thing for such a celebration. The newlyweds should note on the invitation that this is a casual wedding, so guests can dress appropriately.

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