Find practical cardboard boxes for the wedding

Wedding favors are one of the most important details a bride usually spends a lot of time on. One would like to give the guests a real pleasure and express the appreciation of the hosts. A guest gift is a thank you to the guests, on which much love is spent. The bride often searches for suitable gifts for weeks. If these are finally found, there is another problem: The gifts should also be packaged in an attractive way. Wedding cardboard boxes, which are available in different sizes and shapes, offer an elegant and practical way of packaging for wedding favors.

Cardboard boxes with an unusual design go well with any gift

When you hear the term cardboard, boring boxes come to mind. The cardboard wedding is, however, imaginatively and elegantly designed and gives the gift a special charm. The models that are available include:

– cardboard boxes with a heart cutout
– filigree cardboard boxes
– cardboard boxes in envelope form

If you do a little research on the Internet, you can easily find the perfect cardboard for the wedding for every favors, from wedding almonds to glasses and porcelain figurines. The favors are safely and attractively packaged and can also be easily taken away by the guests.

Wedding Cardboard – the simplest type of packaging

A wedding is always about combining the beautiful with the practical. With the myriad of tasks that the bride has to do before the wedding, it is desirable to make every single task as efficient as possible. Cardboard boxes can be ordered exactly in the desired size for the party favors. They can be folded up quickly and the gifts are packed in no time. Therefore, many brides prefer the wedding cardboard boxes to other packaging ideas. The result is always even and attractive and every guest gift is packaged with absolute perfection.

How should you design the cardboard boxes?

Lace and bows are particularly suitable for cardboard boxes. These come in different colors and sizes, so you might want to match the box with the gift inside.

How to personalize it?

An engraving always helps. Write the couple’s names on them. Your name should also be noted somewhere so that the couple knows who the gift is from. A photo wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it doesn’t have to be. What could be an alternative are beautiful wedding rings and “Happy Wedding”. A quote or saying also makes the cardboard box much more interesting.