Car jewelery for your dreamlike wedding car

The most beautiful part of the wedding decoration is to decorate the wedding car with car decoration. You show the guests of the bridal couple that a wedding is taking place and that you belong to it.

Car jewelry wedding – decoration for her wedding car

Whether with an elaborate flower arrangement by the florist, with a flower wreath or with a plush animal bridal couple, with lettering or (heart) balloons: there are no limits to the decoration of the wedding car. Especially car magnets and car flags are very popular. These are easy to attach to the car and just look beautiful.

The wedding car is crowned with old tin cans attached to the exhaust and an “just married” sign on the rear window or the paint job. You can imagine it as in an American love movie.

Car jewelry of the car caravan for the wedding

In car decoration, the so-called loops are especially popular. The antenna loops serve not only for the optical withdrawal of the wedding column all other road users, but are to bring the bride and groom luck for the marriage in the future. The caravan may not be missing on any wedding car! The car jewelry is definitely a must. The bridal train is announced with a loud horn already from afar. To remember which cars belong to the wedding party, you can arrange the bands in the color of the wedding color and distribute them in front of the church to the wedding party.

The car jewelery for your wedding!

You want to make it clear to everyone that you marry today and thus bring out the best day of your life? What would the guests be the first to pay attention to when the bride and groom arrive? Of course on the car or on the beautiful car jewelry! Here are some tips on this topic.

Possible design types:

The best comes first in the case. On the car hood is usually a large coronet, which is attached. This is often white, but the color does not really matter as far as the heart can see. On the mirrors come one or two flowers or other. At the rear of the exhaust, bottles can be attached to thin ropes. If you are very sensitive to the ear, you are welcome to skip this part. Design the car to your taste. You can decide if you want to apply thick or not. Do not be afraid to ask family members or friends with good taste. Do not forget the back of the car! Here you can hang a sign with “just married” or something else, but fix it well, not that it flies off in the end.

How can the car still be decorated?

Not only the car of the marriages can be beautifully decorated, but also that of the guests. In Serbia, for example, it is customary to attach a small loop flower on the left and right side mirrors to all the cars of the invited guests. So thank the guests in a way for coming and welcome you at the same time. In addition, everyone else is shown that someone marries, because you often drive from one place to another and through almost all the way to the arrival. It seems to be a sign of joy.

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