The car deco for your wedding is a must

So that the wedding guests and of course the bride and groom do not have to do without the eye-catching and traditional honking motorcade, of course, the car decoration should not be forgotten. No matter if flowers, bows or jewelery. With us you will find all sorts of accessories. A wedding means being together and connectedness. Exactly because of that every car needs to be decorated accordingly. Even if only with a loop, you realize that the car belongs to society and makes a nice impression. A car decoration at a wedding is definitely a must.

Whether elegant, flashy or colorful – the car decoration should definitely be eye-catching

The car decoration for the wedding should emphasize the attention of the happy bridal couple and the community of the society, it should therefore be a conspicuous car deco. Of course, different traditions apply in different countries. The American tradition is becoming ever more topical. Tin cans and a “just married” sign is commonplace in America, of course, the classic car should not be missing. Of course, there are many other ways to decorate your wedding car, whether balloons, flower arrangements, car stickers or car signs, here you will find everything you need for your perfect wedding.

Popular variant of a wedding decoration

Flowers are usually seen on the wedding car of the bride. Usually they are tied together in a wreath and attached to the front of the car. On the back are also empty tin cans, which make a big noise while driving, to the car.

The remaining cars will be looped. So you can exactly remember which cars are part of the wedding party and also make a nice picture.

Car deco wedding: You have to pay attention

Car deco wedding: The car should fit festively to the wedding. The wedding car must stand out from all other vehicles. Often, a sign with “Just Married” on the back of the car is rangemacht. Since the people know that in this car the bride and groom düst. But the license plate must not be covered. Car decoration for the wedding is very important. It not only looks nice, but also causes the road users know that now many cars will come in succession. Thus, it happens that the other drivers take into account the cars still to come and give them the right of way. The honking is also increased. The car decoration must be fixed in such a way that the other road users are not endangered. Check the decoration again exactly before you drive. Often you can also see flags decorated with the wedding date, the name of the bride and groom and possibly also with hearts.

Types of loops

With silky shiny ribbons, the car can be beautifully decorated. Auto bows are a romantic eye-catcher for the wedding. There are different loops:

– colored loops
– sanding with pattern
– silk ribbons
– fabric bows

Which loops you attach to your car at the end is up to you. You can also use different sizes and shapes. The bows can be in harmony with the bride’s bouquet or with the theme of the wedding. The loops can be attached to the car antenna, windshield wiper, door handle or side mirror.

The car deco for your wedding is a must – easy and fast to buy cheap for the wedding

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