Which sweets are right for the wedding?

At the wedding party, guests want to be pampered according to all the rules of the art. This is why sweets are offered in various forms that are not just for the kids. The bride has a whole range of different options at her disposal.

Particularly popular today are the following options:

– cake buffet
Candy Bar
– ice cream truck
– Popcorn Cart

Whichever type of performance you choose, you can be sure that the little treats will delight the guests.

Candy wedding – attraction at the wedding

The wedding cake is cut at most weddings until late in the evening. Therefore, it is also advisable to provide guests with a number of sweets that they can enjoy during the entire celebration. A Candy Bar is wonderfully suited for that. Decorated in beautiful glass jars, they can be arranged in a variety of sweets. Colorful lollies, chocolate dragees, marshmallows, gummy bears and much more can awaken childhood memories and delight the guests. On the cake buffet, the main attraction is the large wedding cake, which can be admired amidst sheet cakes, cupcakes and petit-fours. Mini tarts and the popular macarons can also be found on the cake buffet. Hardly a guest can resist. A very special surprise for the guests is an ice cream cart or an old-style popcorn cart. These can be rented and available to guests throughout the party.

Sweets as favors

Beautifully packed sweets are also wonderfully suitable as party favors. A wonderful idea is personalized chocolates decorated with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Equally popular are the romantic wedding almonds, with which the couple good wishes for the married life can be given on the way. You always give away five wedding almonds that stand for love, happiness, prosperity, health and fertility. Since often not all guests are familiar with this tradition, you can attach a card to the guest gift, which explains the old custom of wedding almonds.

Candy bar and sweets for the wedding

he bar can be provided with pretty paper cups and small bags, in which the guests are allowed to serve the sweets. Of course, the main attraction is the sweets themselves. You should let the Fanta run wild and offer a colorful mix of tempting sweets.

– heart sweets
– Rock sweets
– Chewing gum
– wedding almonds

The chewing gum can even be served in small chewing gum machines and in this way awakens childhood memories to many a guest

Candy Bar & Lollies for the wedding should be placed so that the guests are immediately aware of it. With attractive garlands, which bear the words “Candy Bar”, one wakes already from afar interest. The table itself can be decorated with table confetti, while the sweets can be served in tastefully etiquetierten glasses. If you choose the candies in bright colors, then these are also used to attract attention. Candy Bar & Lollies are a success at any wedding, even if few children are present.

Which sweets are best for the wedding?

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