Noble atmosphere with a wedding candlestick

A candlestick always creates a festive atmosphere, even when the candles are not lit. That is why candlesticks are popular decorative elements at the wedding and are also used on the festive table. Candlesticks are available in many materials and designs, so you can choose a model that fits perfectly with the rest of the wedding decoration. The following materials are available:

– silver
– Brass
– crystal
– porcelain

It is advisable not to choose the candlesticks until you have already planned the decoration of the table. This way you can create a harmonious combination, in which the candlestick fits perfectly and is an enrichment for the elegant table.

Which model to choose?

The classic model of the candlestick for the wedding is the five-armed chandelier, which sits majestically above the table. Such candlesticks are available in different sizes. If you plan smaller tables for reduced groups of people instead of a large holiday table, such a chandelier is too overwhelming. In such cases, it is best to choose one-armed candlesticks that can be placed in the middle of each table. You should make sure that all tables are equipped with the same candlestick in order to maintain a uniform picture. Another variant is the three-armed candlestick, which also works very well on a side table.

Buy or rent candlesticks?

For the wedding, one should choose candlesticks that appear noble and opulent. If you love candlelight and will use such candlesticks at home later, you can consider buying the candlesticks. Close friends or relatives can also be asked to buy the candlesticks as a wedding gift, which is given before the wedding. However, if you assume that you will hardly need such a candlestick again, it makes sense to rent the candlesticks for the wedding. Online you can find a rental nearby and usually choose from a number of different models.

What can you combine with it?

Flowers are best hanging from the ceiling. But even small details such as glitter can quickly beautify everything. The table decoration must be coordinated well. With the table runner, the work is already half done.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning to make your wedding a complete success!