Candles for the wedding are festive

They stand and burn wherever something special is celebrated or a contemplative to intimate mood is required. Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, wedding candles for weddings are a perfect opportunity to literally switch off, especially in our highly technological and electrically well-lit world. The more hectic and impersonal our environment becomes, the stronger the longing for the silent glow they spread.

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Wedding Candles – light with many meanings

In addition to the many other occasions that only come into play in the liturgy – from mass to baptism, first communion and light measurement to the Advent wreath and the Easter candle, a lot is lit due to the occasion – the special light source has of course also found its meaning in relation to a newlyweds ,

Here the candle is a symbol of the common light of the spouses, who can always find themselves away from the altar to shine. It should be ignited at anniversaries as well as to reflect together in rather bad times, which one has made as vows as the good ones. You can find out more about this in our “Wedding Candles” section.

Fire is the source of light and warmth that man needs to live. For many religions it was not only a symbol of divinity, but in itself a life-giving and worthy of worship. His “taming” with wick and wax gave people the opportunity to civilize this force of nature and to use its advantages without any major threat.

The special ambience

At the wedding, of course, ideally not only the candle dedicated to the bride and groom provides contemplation and mood. Church, even registry office and of course the evening wedding table can be illuminated with candles more festively than other light sources could ever bring about.

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