The most beautiful candle holders for the wedding

The soft light of candles gives every wedding a romantic atmosphere. If candles are lit after dark, the wedding decoration shines in a warm shimmer and creates a special mood. Candles can be integrated into the decoration in a variety of ways. There are many different candle holders and you can use a variety of containers to place candles. You should let your creative ideas run wild to make the decoration with candles particularly individual and personal. While you can let the candles flicker openly in the hall, candle holders must be found outdoors, where the flame remains protected and is not blown out by the wind.

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Candle holder for interior and exterior decoration

There are many ways to skillfully stage the candles when decorating the hall. Which candle holder you use depends on several elements. First of all, of course, the candle holder must match the type of candle you want to use. For example, stick candles look good in an elegant candlestick, which can be made of crystal, for example. Individual candles are usually suitable for table decoration and can be placed across the table. If you want to decorate with candles outside, lanterns are an excellent choice. These candle holders are cylindrical in shape and offer space for large candles, which can spread their light over several hours without being affected by the wind. Tea lights are also a popular type of decoration. Often no candle holder is used in the classic sense. The tea lights can be placed in a bowl of water. The glow of the small lights is wonderfully reflected by the water and creates a unique effect.

Wedding candle holder: be careful with open flames

Precautions should be taken with each type of candle to ensure safe handling. This includes:

– do not use flammable candle holders
– set up out of the reach of children
– do not let it burn unattended

So you can design the candle holders for the wedding

It is best to order a decorated candle holder in advance, because the work is done immediately. But if you want to decorate them yourself, it is best to choose simple candle holders and then decorate them with bows, pearls, rhinestones and other decorations. You can also easily get inspiration from sites like Pinterest. In addition, you can also get advice from wedding planners, who are the best at this area.

Vote correctly

Choose the colors of the decoration with care, because it should also fit the location. In addition, the candles also fit. White is the best possible solution here. Place the candle holders in the middle of the tables and also make sure that the candles are covered so that nothing can happen. It is best to choose a candle holder as shown in the picture above, as it cannot go out and the risk is generally lower. If you want to set up several candles, you should consider using different sizes.

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