Exceptional cake figures for the wedding

The wedding cake plays a special role in the wedding celebration and is admired by all guests. In addition to the bakery itself, the decorations are of the utmost importance because they attract the viewer’s eyes first. When the wedding couple finally cuts the cake together, cameras flash and the bride and groom and cake become one of the most popular photo motifs of the celebration. Of course, one is proud of the beautiful decoration.

Cake figures – Beautiful decoration for the wedding cake

In the category cake figures for the wedding you will find the most wonderful ideas that help to decorate the cake. From funny figures to classic cake decorations, there is just the right thing for every bride and groom. In the category “Cake Figures / Cake Decoration Wedding” you will find suggestions for a cake figure that you feel represents. You can find:

– classic wedding couple
– funny bride and groom
– newlyweds in the form of a silhouette
– butterflies

With such a cake decoration you give the multi-storey cake extraordinary elegance and make it the center of the cake buffet.

Cake figure for the wedding with reference to the newlyweds

Of course, the wedding is all about the bride and groom and therefore the cake figures should also have a relationship with the bride and groom. According to your own temperament, you can choose figures in funny poses or choose a bride and groom in a romantic hug. The right cake figure once again supports the symbolic power of the cake.

Wedding cake lovingly decorated: cake figures

A wedding and the associated decoration consist of an infinite list of romantic details that eventually come together to form a very special event. These details, which give the wedding its special charm, also include the cake figures, with which you can give the cake a certain extra. Cutting the cake is one of the highlights at every wedding celebration and the more appealing it is, the greater the enthusiasm among the guests.

The most beautiful figures for the cake

In the wedding shops you can find a large selection of cake figures. Pretty motifs around the theme of the bride and groom offer exactly the right decoration for every taste, from simple to elaborate. The nicest ideas include:

– bride and groom closely entwined
– newlyweds dancing
– newlyweds on a motorcycle
– newlyweds on the beach

The motifs for the cake figures can also have a funny character and make the viewer smile. However, the point is always to catch the eyes and to give the cake individuality.

Perfect decoration of the cake

In order to guarantee a perfect cake, you should select the cake figure in good time and take it to the confectioner who has commissioned the wedding cake. This way, the cake figure can be placed in the best place and firmly anchored. Likewise, the confectioner can orient himself on the weight and size of the figure and create a suitable platform on the cake on which the cake figure is given its place of honor. In this way you are finally ready to go to the wedding party to cut the cake. The guests should turn their attention to the newlyweds and determine who has their hand on the top of the knife when cutting the cake together. According to old popular belief, this will be the person who has the say in marriage.

Cake figures – attention to detail pays off

A successful wedding celebration consists of a multitude of small details that need to be planned. The cake figurines for the wedding also have a special purpose and are always looked at by the guests. With the numerous photos that the bride and groom and the guests take with the cake, the cake figurines for the wedding are of course always small main characters, which can be seen in many wedding pictures. That is why it is worthwhile to be particularly critical when choosing cake figures.

From modern to classic: the most beautiful figures for the cake

Cake figures for the wedding are usually made of fine porcelain and form the conclusion on the top layer of the wedding cake. The classic motif consists of a figure that represents the bride and groom in wedding attire. Today, however, many different variations of this theme are offered, which are romantic and often make you smile, so that even the little cake figure always captures admiring glances. The nicest ideas include:

– newlyweds with a suitcase
– newlyweds on the beach
– newlyweds skiing

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The right figure for the wedding cake

The cake figure must be coordinated with the cake in weight and dimensions so that it can also be placed safely. If you have already selected a certain figure, you should take it to the confectioner as soon as possible so that possible adjustments can be made in the design of the cake. Often, a confectioner with experience in the field of wedding cakes can also help you choose the best figure to create a harmonious relationship between cake and figure. This creates a wedding cake that becomes the focus of the celebration.

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