Celebrate the wedding with hat – The elegant touch

The wedding is a wonderful opportunity for everyone who likes to wear hats to present themselves in a very special model. For the bride, there is a splendid selection of hats that can be chosen to perfectly match the bridal gown.

The models that can be equipped with a veil are particularly romantic. Playful hats with wide brims can be just as beneficial as small hats that are a real eye-catcher on the bridal hairstyle. A wedding hat can be a perfect detail to round off a beautiful wedding outfit.

Hat for the wedding for men

Not only the bride enjoys the privilege to wear a hat for a wedding. Even for the groom, their own wedding is the best opportunity to wear a top hat. This can be gray or black, depending on suit or tailcoat. The black folding cylinder is usually worn in the evening to the tailcoat, while cutaway and gray cylinder for the day most beneficial. When wearing such a hat for the wedding you should follow some rules:

– take off your hat before entering the church
– during the ceremony, the best man holds the hat
– make hair styling before marriage

A hat or cylinder is a special detail for the wedding photos, which gives the bride and groom a particularly festive look.

Also, guests wear a hat for the wedding

Not only the bride and groom can wear a hat for their wedding. The guests also like to wear hats for the festive occasion. In this way, beautiful accents can be set in the wardrobe. Especially the ladies hats are often characterized by special sophistication. Decorated with bows, ruffles or feathers, such a hat can guarantee a stylish appearance. For men, there is also an elegant hat fashion to choose from, which can be used for wedding wear, such as in summer made of light materials such as straw or silk and look good in winter from chic wool felt.

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