Design a Butterfly wedding

Butterflies have always been a symbol of love. Those who feel freshly in love often claim to have butterflies in their stomach. Thus, the butterfly is also a wonderful element that can be used as a motto at the wedding. Many couples today decide to put their wedding under a specific motto. Butterflies offer many romantic design ideas and are therefore wonderful as a wedding motto. Romantic and elegant, the butterfly is wonderful to look at and is therefore suitable for an attractive decoration. They also symbolize immortality and the transformation from an old to a new life. This idea is especially fitting when you consider that the wedding becomes one of two ways of life.

Let butterflies fly – a romantic wedding tradition

One of the most imaginative activities at a wedding is to make butterflies fly. This activity is especially suitable for summer weddings. The butterflies need temperatures between 15 and 20 ° C and rain-free days to fly properly. There are special breeders who specialize in breeding butterflies for weddings. They are brought to the wedding location in specially made transport boxes and then released. The result is a romantic image that remains unforgettable for both the bride and groom and the guests.

Decoration with butterflies

If you set the wedding motto butterflies, then you should stay true to the topic from the beginning. Already on the invitation cards butterfly motifs should be used. Even with the clothes of the bride, the butterfly motto can be integrated. There are butterflies as hair accessories and you can even find wedding dresses that have a subtle butterfly pattern. When decorating the ballroom, butterflies can be used as follows:

  • – wreaths and floral arrangements with butterfly decoration
    – tablecloths or tableware with butterfly ornaments
    – butterfly confetti
    – wedding cake decorated with butterflies

The matching butterfly decoration

There are many ways to incorporate butterflies in the decoration. One possibility are filigree butterflies made of wood as a table decoration. Butterflies can also be attached to tealight containers. This spreads a pleasant mood, especially at night.

You can also use butterflies on the invitation. These are usually in a light pastel color. Fittingly there are also fine ribbons with which one can make the clothes a little more friendly.

You can also order butterflies on table cards. These are available in every decoration shop. You can attach paper butterflies in the top corner of a place card or a menu card. The 3-dimensional shape of the butterfly makes a good impression.

Here are some useful useful wedding planning tips.