Butterflies at the wedding: Delicate lucky charms for the bride and groom

Butterflies radiate an incomparable romance that can be captured at the wedding. Often a whole wedding is made under the theme of “butterflies” and the pretty figures of the cirrus-colored animals can be found everywhere in the decoration. Even in the table decoration you can use butterfly motifs on napkins and place cards and decorate floral arrangements with attached butterfly figures. Large butterflies made of cardboard can be inserted into the room decoration and also the invitation cards can be printed with this motif. In full colors or delicate pastel shades, the butterfly motifs are enchanting and playful, flattering the girlish beauty of the bride.

Butterflies Wedding – Matching Deco

There are many ways to incorporate butterflies in the decoration. One possibility are filigree butterflies made of wood as a table decoration. Butterflies can also be attached to tealight containers. This spreads a pleasant mood, especially at night.

You can also use butterflies on the invitation. These are usually in a light pastel color. Fittingly, there are also fine ribbons with which you can make the invitation a little friendlier.

You can also order butterflies on table cards. These are available in every Dekoshop. You can attach paper butterflies in the top corner of a place card or a menu card. The 3-dimensional shape of the butterfly makes a good impression.

Let butterflies fly

The tradition of flying butterflies during the wedding originally comes from Hawaii and has long taken hold in the United States. Also in Europe today, breeding butterflies are available, which you can fly during the wedding. Here are some facts to be considered:

  • – butterflies need temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees to be released
    – you can only fly outdoors
    – butterflies must be transported in an appropriate manner.
    – only possible in the months from April to September

If you order the butterflies from the breeder, you should make sure that these are species native to us. In this way, the released animals can easily integrate into their environment.

The romance of butterflies

The release of the butterflies can be shaped in different ways. According to ancient tradition, both bride and groom each hold a box of butterflies at the wedding and whisper their wishes to them before they are released. Often, however, only one box is used with butterflies held together by the bride and groom. They express their wish while holding hands. You can get the butterflies packed by the breeder in boxes, so that the release is easy.

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