Bridal accessories that should not be missed

In order to equip the bride traditionally perfectly, it requires a whole series of details, which want to be considered. In the wedding shop you can find a selection of all the little accessories that a bride does not want to miss on her day of honor. The most beautiful bridal accessories decorate the future wife and help make her the center of attention.

Accessories – the elegance of the bride lies in the detail

One of the most beautiful and at the same time particularly romantic accessories that many brides want for their wedding, is a white veil that falls like a fragrant cloud over the face and is beaten back by the groom during the ceremony. The white lace model is fantastically beautiful and makes the bride a fairytale princess.

But other accessories complement in a particularly beautiful way the equipment of the bride. This includes:

bridal bag

The garter is often chosen in blue and stands in this color for loyalty and purity and should give the young couple luck on the common life. Blue and white garters are therefore also available in a large selection.

Dainty bridal bags complete the picture

Bridal bag and bridal shoes should match each other in color. Many brides opt for a small pouch in white clutch, which can be embellished with embroidery, rhinestones and pearls. You wear white bridal shoes, which are also decorated. Many brides buy extra for a pair of dance shoes that are comfortable and worn for the wedding dance.

Bridal accessories – choose the right one!

After you have chosen your wedding dress, you should also choose the matching bridal accessories. Thus, you can bring some more things to light such as your beautiful hairstyle with a few pearls in the hairpins. Do not overdo it, you should not seem like a disco ball. We will give you a few examples and tips.

A diadem for the princess

What fits every hairstyle and looks just breathtaking with the right veil? Exactly, a diadem! It even shines beautifully on the wedding photos. Which exactly you choose is entirely up to you. As an aside, pay attention to what your wedding dress looks like, but also adapt it to your head shape. If you do not like any in the shop, you can have it designed. But do it soon enough so that there are no problems later on.

Jewelery – less is more, is not it?

For sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses, you can wear multiple bracelets. You do not have to hang down normally, but you can also hide it a bit higher. If you’re tanned, it looks great. Earrings should not be missed on this special day. A chain is also possible, but that usually depends on the wedding dress. Often, the mother gives the bride a necklace as a wedding present. Rings are not really required because you get the wedding ring infected.


Do not forget to bring a bolero or a stole, because the weather can change very fast. To be sure, you can bring a second pair of wedding shoes. A patch should always be with you, just like painkillers and medicines. A few hairpins have no damage, so in the bag!

Gloves are the perfect bridal accessory

There is a wide selection of bridal accessories and sometimes you can not decide which accessory you want to wear. A special bridal accessory is gloves, they not only attract the attention of the guests, but also perfectly complement your look. The different shapes and ornaments make your hands look adorable. The gloves can be bought from silk or lace. There are different sizes and shapes. Many wear the gloves to the elbow. It gives a nice elegance. But again and again, the brides tend to use the shorter gloves. These look is adorable and fit perfectly with the hands. It is also important that the gloves match your wedding dress. The gloves do not always have to be worn in white, you can also wear them in a different color at the wedding. Which color you choose at the end, you decide yourself. In our online shop, there is a huge selection.


Every bride wants to look perfect on the wedding day and have the perfect bridal accessories. An important accessory is the headdress. There is almost no bride who appears at the wedding without a headdress. There are beautiful jewelery today that you can wear perfectly. Hair jewelry not only looks beautiful, but it also looks extremely elegant and glamorous. Headbands are often worn. For example, a flower hairband or pearl hoop is very often seen in the hair of the bride. It is up to each one of you to decide whether someone is more likely to wear more eye-catching jewelry or simple bridal accessories. nicht nur schön aus, sondern es wirkt auch äußerst elegant und glamourös.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning.