Say yes to the bridal veil for the wedding

If the best day of your life is on, of course the perfect outfit for the bride can not be missing. In addition to the bridal gown itself, of course, hairstyle, accessories and many other details decide on a successful composition of the overall appearance.

Highest attention in their compilation deserves the right choice of traditional bridal veil.

To dress and style

The veil is still often worn today for bridal gown. Be it because this accessory is easy for many, or above all, it is the optically ideal complement to the dress that is the sheer effect.

Anyway. The optimally chosen veil must of course

– optimally matched to the color of the dress
– and the basic style of your dress.

The subtle dress

Consequently, a not too opulent dress offers a not too opulent veil, which falls, for example, only up to the shoulder. But if you want to set a deliberate counterpoint to your understated dress, the veil may be particularly chic and long veil.

The eye-catching dress

On the other hand, if you wear a very voluminous dress with many details and eye-catching design or a particularly romantic model, then the bridal veil – matching the dress – is also strikingly designed and appropriately opulent to choose.

Veils reaching to the ground

One of the most beautiful veil variants is the classic, long-falling veil that drops at least to the ground, but often even longer.

The floor-length bridal veil

-is in fact considered particularly romantic,
-is often provided with embroidery or other eye-catching details
-and is usually attached to the back of the head.

This allows the bride to wear a great updo and a veil at the same time, both of which are ideal.

Shorter veils

Of course, you can decide the choice of bridal veil also short – at least, as far as the basic model. Because apart from the bulky versions, there are also various variants that only fall to the shoulder and only hint at the veil with its traditional symbolism.

From a purely fashionable point of view, the short bridal veil is the perfect accessory for

  • a strapless dress
  • or one with a low neckline.

The emphasized games then still fall into the eye, without you having to do without the bridal veil completely. Incidentally, shorter veils are usually a bit simpler and designed without elaborate ornaments, but impress with their discreet and very noble character.

Everything about bridal veils for the bride

A deliberately chosen bridal veil is a stylish addition to the wedding dress and is highly symbolic. On the best day in a woman’s life, the perfect outfit should not be missed. In addition to the wedding dress, of course, the headgear is of great importance. It has a large selection of beautiful veils matching the dress. Veils are often worn for bridal gowns, be it because this accessory is simply for many or an ideal complement to the dress. However, the very special meaning of the veil should be considered at the wedding.

Beautiful veil matching the dress

To make the knot for life, this is undoubtedly the most beautiful day in life for many, and then, of course, everything should be as perfect as possible. This includes, above all, the outfit, because the bride, of course, like the groom, like fairy-tale beautiful and ideally styled stride to the wedding altar. Of importance is next to a matching, beautiful dress always the hairstyle or the headgear and only a veil is in this regard for many brides the optimal choice.

In the search for the right copy you usually have a good selection, because usually many beautiful bridal veils are available matching the respective dress, which round off the styling perfectly.

Choose according to the style of the dress

Beautiful bridal veils matching the dress are characterized first by the fact that they

– have been optimally matched to the dress and
– above all, match the style of the dress ..

Various veil variants for the bridal gown

If you want to appear as a bride particularly romantic and feel like a fairy tale princess, then wearing a veil is essential, because this always exudes that certain something, is always a beautiful eye-catcher and the guarantee of a romantic-playful outfit.

In search of a matching veil to the dress, you usually have a large selection of different models, because there are generally various beautiful veil variants, all of which are ideal as a complement to the bridal gown.

The meaning of the bridal veil

For many brides, the veil is simply part of a bridal gown and is therefore usually also worn at the wedding for the particular dress. After all, almost every woman wants to feel like a princess at her wedding, and with such a very romantic accessory, this desire will undoubtedly come a little closer.

Unfortunately, the actual intention, which has always been pursued by wearing a veil, is often forgotten, because the veil has a very special meaning at the wedding.

The veil as a sign of innocence

As a stylish, worn to match the wedding dress headgear, a veil looks at a wedding not only beautiful, but is also important in terms of its actual meaningfulness. This delicate cloth is held in the color white at a marriage namely for the innocence of the bride.

Although it is rarely the case today that the bride actually goes virgin into marriage, yet the symbolism of the bridal veil has not changed. Even in this day and age, the veil is still supposed to

– to symbolize the innocence of the bride and

– to emphasize her virginity.

Accordingly, the tradition of wearing a veil has been consolidated to this day and is widespread in in most countries.

Tradition remains tradition

Although innumerable other variants have long since been available, the original veils are models that also cover the face with their transparent fabric

– from the father of the bride or even first
– from the groom

is bared after the marriage. This, too, underlines once again the already explained symbolism of the innocent bride, which only shows itself openly when she has arrived in the port of marriage.

Pure romance with a traditional bridal veil

The bridal veil is one of the most beautiful accessories of the bride, which contribute to the solemn and romantic character of the wedding. The bride can either attach the veil to the back of her head and let it fall over her back. But also cover with him the whole head and the face. In the latter case, the groom folds back the veil in the church, creating a particularly impressive moment.

A matching veil for every dress

With a large selection of different models it is easily possible to find a perfect model for your own wedding dress. It will be an ideal complement to the dress both in style and material. From the extravagant, floor-length veil that drains into a richly decorated train, to a gauzy model of smooth tulle that surrounds only the face, you can quickly find the bridal veil of your own dreams.

It is also important to decide on a slight method of attachment. Among others, you can choose from:

– comb
– hairpins
– hairband

The best method of attachment is determined by the hairstyle.

Try the bridal veil first

If you want to wear a bridal veil for the wedding, it is advisable to try the hairstyle with the veil days before the wedding. The bride gets time to make hairstyle changes before the day, or choose a different veil.

The bridal veil: custom and function

The story of the bridal veil is very long. The history of the white veil is older than the bridal gown itself.

The veil was suddenly spread when he became fashionable through “Sissi”. Her long veil of lace reached to the end of the train. Through the veil its beauty was emphasized, enchanting all who saw it.

The tradition is over that the veil is actually veiled; He should no longer drive away evil demons. The rumor that the veil dates back to the time when future nomad husbands threw a blanket over their brides’ heads and then abducted them was forgotten for a long time. Today, the bridal veil is a very delicate ornament, an emphasis on personality and elegance.

Which bridal veil suits me?

You can look unsurpassed with your dress, veil and headdress, so that all the guests and your future husband are enchanted. The veil should always fit the overall picture. The more festive the wedding dress, the longer, the more elaborate the wedding dress, the more elegant the veil.

Just stay true to your type. Take a friend or mother with you when making your selection.

They are people you know better than the saleswoman. Think about how long you will wear the veil on the most beautiful day of your life. He may have to endure a lot.

The Bridal Veil – History

Since time immemorial, the bridal veil belongs to the bride’s outfit and used to symbolize the transition from girl to wife in different cultures. Today you see the bridal veil only as a fashion accessory of the bride.

The exact origin of the bridal veil is unknown, but it was considered as the remnant of the bride’s robbery. It was supposed to symbolize the blanket thrown over his head by the brow robber of his chosen one.

Meaning of bridal veil

The bridal veil has been given many meanings over the years. He was a visible symbol of separation and farewell. The veil was once supposed to hide the tears of the bride.

He also served to protect the bride from evil spirits and demons who lay on the path between their parents and husband. This certainly meant the doubt and the fruit before the often strange bridegroom.

By the unveiling in the house of the groom, the separation from the parents and the girl time was finally over. Thus, the unveiling was not just a defloration in the sexual sense.

It was common for the bridal veil to be taken off at midnight. From then on, the bride became a wife. However, the bridegroom was not allowed to air his wife’s bridal veil before the altar, or to beat it back when the bride was completely veiled. This custom can be attributed to an old caution. The groom wanted to make sure that he did not the wrong bride was hyped.

Veil dance

From the wedding custom of taking off the bridal veil at midnight then evolved – the veil dance or Kranzlabsingen – which is still practiced today. In this custom, the bride first dances alone on the dance floor until midnight. The unmarried women come gradually and try to get a part of the bridal veil. They should get something from the rich blessing. However, whichever woman tears most of the bridal veil should become the next bride.

Color of the bridal veil

The color of the bridal veil is and remains white. For this reason, white also became the color of virginity. Formerly, the veil was the only white part of the bridal robe, from the 20th century came then also white Brautkleidder.

In some cultures red bridal veils were worn next to white, for example in ancient Rome. Red is the symbol of love, fire, youth, passion, devotion and loyalty. In various parts of the Baltic countries, the brides still wear red bridal veils today.

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