From practical to romantic: the Bridal Umbrella

A bridal umbrella is a pretty accessory that gives the opportunity for interesting poses, especially for wedding photos. In some cases, however, the bridal umbrella also has a practical value. On a hot summer’s day, for example, he can provide shade on the way to the church, reminiscent of a picture from the old days, when tender young girls protected their complexions with a lace umbrella from the sun. Other models are made of water-repellent materials and are a relief on rainy days, so the bride can travel dry from the car.

A bridal umbrella for every purpose

The umbrella that the bride wears today has primarily a decorative meaning. From materials like:

– silk
– top
– white paper

a bridal umbrella highlights the girlish delicacy of the bride. Thanks to a large selection of models, it is easy to find a shade that fits perfectly with your wedding dress. The colors white and beige are the most commonly used. However, it is also possible to obtain a bridal umbrella in a different color, such as blue or red, so that it can also be combined with a colored ornament on the bridal gown.

Rain on the wedding day – no problem

Of course, nobody wants rain for the wedding, but it’s never quite inevitable. In the case of a sudden rain shower, it is often the best man who has a waterproof white bridal umbrella or even a partner umbrella for the wedding and thus can save the situation.

The bridal umbrella: a romantic accessory

At a church wedding, the bride appears in her white wedding gown like a princess when she takes her place in front of the altar. In the range of pretty accessories that accompany you bride on this unique day also includes the bridal umbrella, which should provide protection on the way to the church in the summer, or simply wonderfully playful and feminine.

The selection of the bridal umbrella

If you decide for a bridal umbrella, you should choose it as appropriate to the wedding dress. Often you can get such a screen even where you buy the wedding dress. This guarantees that both parts fit together perfectly. Bridal umbrellas can be made of different materials. Most frequently one finds the following executions:

– satin
– top
– satin set off with lace
– rainproof fabrics

The umbrellas look particularly romantic on the wedding photos and allow the photographer to capture numerous beautiful poses that hardly ever miss their effect. For this reason alone, the acquisition of such a detail is worthwhile.

Bridal umbrella with practical sense

Again and again it can happen that it rains on the wedding day. If you have a nice umbrella to keep out the rain, you can cover the path from the car to the church without sacrificing style. In the trade you will find various pretty models that can be plain white or decorated with the inscription “Just Married“. These umbrellas are also available in a large format so that they can be shared by the bride and groom. The walk together under the umbrella in the rain can turn into a particularly romantic detail. Such a bridal umbrella is also one of the details that an attentive best man can have on hand in case the bride’s hairstyle has to be protected in the event of a rainfall on the way.

In the shop you will find a large selection of matching items for your wedding.