Bridal Shoes for the perfect rounding off of the bride’s outfit

A beautiful wedding dress looks so good once again, if you wear it with the right shoes. With a wide selection available today, you can easily find the perfect bridal shoes that look chic on the dress. Especially, one should pay attention to match the material, color and embellishments of bridal gown, bridal shoes and bridal bag.

Choose the most beautiful bridal shoe

Bridal shoes come in a range of beautiful styles, so you can choose the style you are used to and comfortable with. Bridal shoes are available in many variants. For example, you can buy the following versions:

  • – ornate ankle boots
    – ballerinas
    – peeptoes
    – pumps

The most common are as bridal shoes pumps, which differed by filigree work and beautiful decorations of the conventional street shoes. Many brides also opt for a simple model to be able to wear the shoe even after the wedding. Even peep-toes can later be wonderfully worn with summer dresses. Anyone who decides, however, for lace boots to match the wedding dress, keeps them later as a souvenir of the wedding at a special place.

Place value on convenience

Of course, when choosing bridal shoes, one is primarily guided by the look. Nevertheless, one should also pay attention to comfort. Those who are not used to wearing high heels should not necessarily start on the wedding day. On this day, the bride has to stand for many hours in her shoes, walk and dance, so it should be a model in which one can spend the day without aching feet. When fitting, you should therefore ensure that the shoe sits perfectly and does not push. Therefore, it is often advisable to opt for a pretty model with a smaller heel to really enjoy the day.

In Bridal Shoes luck comes

When choosing the perfect bridal shoes you should not just look at the look. The main focus should be on fit and comfort. Because the wedding day starts very early and ends late at night. A shoe that convinces through material, sole and internal processing is the basic requirement for hovering gracefully over the floor all day long.

The quality should not be saved in this point so, after all, your smile should not be affected by bruises.

The classic choice

The three most popular bridal shoes are pumps, pumps with platform and of course peep-toes. The platform shoe differs from regular pumps by a thicker sole, the peep through an open toe that shows your perfectly groomed toes. What style of bridal shoes you choose depends on the style of your wedding – and of course the season.

Satin shoes are perfect for celebrating in upscale surroundings, while bridal wedding shoes should be chosen for more intimate wedding celebrations. For fall or winter, there are exquisite, warm and yet very attractive. Anyway: to prevent you from slipping on the church or dance floor with almost new and even soles, let them be roughed up by your cobbler.

According to the wedding dress

Since ballerinas or sandals add glamor to the dress, they should not be chosen too short. Also you should do without shoes with ankle straps. If necessary, grab the mentioned peep-toes – they will flatter the look and contribute to a harmonious overall picture.

Long dresses, on the other hand, open up almost all possibilities, as the bridal shoes are hardly to be seen. A small tip that can save a lot of trouble: on the heel open shoes should be omitted, since the dress can easily pinch!

Confess color or rather discreet?

In most cases, the common “wedding colors” white, cream or champagne are chosen. This is a classic way of being on the safe side. However, if you like it fancier, color accents are quite possible. Colorful flowers or bows are just as possible as fine embroidery. As a rule of thumb, however, the more pompous the dress, the more subtle the bridal shoes should be. Avoid an overloaded overall picture.

If, by the way, you later want to wear your bridal shoes as elegant evening shoes: white satin shoes can also be dyed with a little skill.

Definitely in the “emergency case”

What you should have mitbedingt on the wedding day, are blisters and gel pad. These are not only for heels and bales, but also for other vulnerable areas such as the foot strap in strappy shoes.

However, even the most experienced high-heel wearer can do nothing against exhausted feet at the end of the evening. Perfect would be a second pair of bridal shoes. These may not necessarily be flatter than your actual bridal shoes. Usually just another paragraph or a slightly different model is enough to relieve the feet and to dance into the wedding night.

In the shop you will find a large selection of matching items for a successful wedding.