Select Bridal Jewelry properly

The perfect bridal gown was chosen, but the finishing touch is missing, namely the right bridal jewelry. When choosing jewelry, there are countless different choices. That’s why it’s even harder to find the right one. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the bride feel as good as possible on her important day.

Types of bridal jewelry

As a bride, it is up to you which jewelry you want to wear. You can either dedicate yourself to the latest trends in jewelry or even carry heirlooms that have been family-owned for generations. The wedding ring is an integral part of bridal jewelry. The important thing is that the jewelry fits well with the selected wedding dress.

Classic jewelry

When you think about jewelry, you first come up with earrings, necklaces or bracelets. You do not have to carry everything at once if you do not want to. The amount of bridal jewelry is also something that the bride has to decide for herself. But even if you have decided what you want in about there is still a huge selection. If you want a necklace, pearl necklaces come to mind first because they are simple yet elegant. To a pearl necklace then the style should be maintained and if you want to wear earrings, these should also be chosen in the same style. With the earrings you have to pay attention, if he fits the cut of the dress.

If the dress is generally a bit simpler, the earrings can be a bit bigger. If the dress and the remaining accessories are already very noticeable, they should rather wear a simple plug. It is also important which hairstyle you want for your dress. If you have found jewelry that you like, you should consider whether it also fits the chosen hairstyle. If you have found a piece of jewelry that you like, you can see if this is also in a set.

The bridal veil

In the past, the woman’s face was covered with a veil at the wedding and was revealed only at the kiss in front of the altar. Nowadays, the veil is only there to beautify the outfit of the bride or to bring out the hairstyle better. Should the bridal gown be a little simpler, you can upgrade it with a beautifully decorated veil. If you would like to go dancing, it might be a good idea if the bridal veil does not drop out too long so you do not slip on it.

If you have a backless dress and you do not want it covered, you can wear a transparent veil or a fascinator as an alternative. The fascinator is available in different shapes and designs. One can wear it as a clasp with feathers or pearls, as a hat or in the form of a birdcage veil. If you compare both variants, one of the bridal veils looks a bit more old – fashioned than the fascinator, which can also be used as a party accessory. If you do not like both, you can still fall back on hairpin or brooches.

The bridal girdle

Unless he is already integrated in the dress, you can also use a bridal belt. This can both beautify the dress and stretch the figure a little, so you look slimmer. It can be studded with pearls or rhinestones and can also form a transition between the top and bottom of the dress.

The jewelry should fit your type

When choosing, you should think about how you want to work at your wedding. If you want to look simple, you should rather refrain from rhinestones and kitsch and rather resort to classic pearls. If you want to be playful, you can use heart motifs or similar. If you opt for filigree jewelry you are more romantic. For women who have something more on their hips, flat and long earrings are best. Slim women should refrain from wearing earrings that are too big because they do not fit proportionally as well as smaller ones. If you have a short neck, wear a longer chain, as it will visually stretch the neck. For long arms, it makes sense to wear a wide bracelet.

Where can you buy bridal jewelry?

You can buy your bridal jewelry both at a jeweler, as well as in various online shops. If, in addition to planning your wedding, you do not waste your time shopping, you can shop at online stores. In online shops you can usually find more than a jeweler. There are both a selection of branded products and beautiful nonames. You can compare prices and styles well and make a selection. A big disadvantage here is sure that you can not see the jewelry directly with the dress and therefore not sure if he fits the rest of the outfit. If you do not have enough budget to afford the expensive jewelry, there are also ways to borrow the jewelry just for the wedding.

What to look for

Make sure that the jewelry is not too dominant and stays in the background. It should still be the dress and the wedding ring in the foreground so you should rather pay attention to the fashion law “less is more”. Although the bridal jewelry should not disappear completely into the background, it should nevertheless be arranged under the main components. He should round off the beauty of the overall picture and beautify the whole thing even more. In any case, you should not overload the outfit, as this can backfire quickly. Save with too much jewelry and focus on what you have. You should not wear a second ring, as the main focus should be on the wedding ring. If you want to wear a bracelet, you should not wear it on the side where you wear the ring.

Which bridal jewelry fits which dress?

-When choosing jewelry, you should make sure that they are not too strong contrasts to the style of the wedding dress.

-If the dress is rather simple, this style should also be reflected in the bridal jewelry. Discreet, classic and elegant accessories should be chosen. If your wedding dress is kept in a girly look, the pieces of jewelry can be romantic and playful.

-The wedding jewelry should emphasize the dress only and not cover. That’s why a massive necklace with large stones, for example, to a dress without neckline and with a free shoulder.

-If your dress has a large neckline and is cut open, you can also use a more elaborate and elongated chain.
-For a V-neck dress, use a necklace with a fine pendant. If the dress is sewn of shiny fabric or with beads and sequins, you can also use subtle elements for decoration.

-In the colors you should choose to a classic white dress silver jewelry and a cream, beige, or champagne tone bridal jewelry in the color gold

Less is more

It is not mandatory how much jewelry the bride is allowed to wear. Basically you can say that it should not be more than three to four. The wedding ring is included. Since the wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry, he must not go down with the other pieces of jewelry. That’s why it’s better not to use too much jewelry for your wedding. But these are not fixed guidelines but just tips that can help you to find the right bridal jewelry for your big day.

Bridal jewelry – wedding – superstition

A bridal bouquet with roses, a cross or pearls in the bridal jewelry and rain on the wedding day should bring bad luck on the wedding day. Find out what exactly is behind all these wedding superstitions! In the wedding preparations one comes with different wedding customs in touch. Some of them have been dropped over time. Others are still used. During the wedding preparations, the bride is repeatedly overwhelmed with acquaintances and relatives with advice and warnings. Whether you stick to it is up to you. The wearing of a cross in the jewelry and roses in the bridal bouquet should bring bad luck.

Bridal jewelry that does not fit

Pearls are the best friend of the woman. But unfortunately no matching bridal jewelry for the wedding. Too bad that almost everyone knows that the bride should not wear pearls on the wedding day. The superstition says that every pearl that carries a bride symbolizes a tear in marriage. The whole thing comes from the time of the pearl divers, who used to dive into the depths of the ocean and often did not return. Therefore, pearls became critical in the Victorian era, as seen today in blood diamonds. At that time they said: Every pearl a tear – and who wanted to hear this at his wedding? The whole thing is not so much a superstition, as a zeitgeist of a bygone era, because today real pearls are bred and artificial pearls made. Say bride should think less about pearls, as the current zeitgeist, thoughts about the origin of their diamonds in the wedding ring and any comments granny or great aunt simply smile away.

Speaking of tears you can not get past: If it’s raining on your wedding day, then a superstition says that raindrops mean tears in marriage on the wedding day. So you marry best on a summer’s day and without old pearl jewelry, then you could, if you really believe it, come through your marriage without tears.

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