Bridal fan – a lovely detail for the wedding

Like the bridal umbrella, the bridal fan is an accessory that has a particularly decorative effect. Open or closed hanging from the wrist, it looks playful and at the same time full of feminine elegance. The fan should be chosen to match the rest of the bride’s décor and is available in white and beige, which are most commonly used for wedding dresses. However, you can buy these bridal subjects in almost any other color, so it is always a perfect combination with the dress is possible.

Fascinating materials for unusual bridal subjects

A range of exceptional materials that can be used to make bridal subjects give each model its individual character. So you can choose according to your own taste and of course in accordance with the wedding dress.

These materials include:

– hand painted silk
– baroque lace
– bamboo
– noble woods

Depending on the workmanship, such a bridal fan may look antique and traditional, but also modern and fictional.

The fan as a favor

While the fan, which is worn by the bride, is usually a small treasure, you can get in the wedding shop also inexpensive subjects that can be purchased in larger packages. These are wonderfully suitable as party favors, where they can fulfill a double task. On the one hand, the fan is a pretty souvenir of the wedding, which you can set up decoratively at home, and provides fanned cooling when it gets hot at the party.

Playful performance with the bridal fan

The bridal fan provides as accessory of the bride for a special appearance. A wedding dress is characterized by romantic playfulness and the accessories that are worn to the dress serve to reinforce this impression. So the bridal fan is a very feminine detail that fits perfectly with the bridal outfit. Cleverly chosen to match the dress, it gives the bride a graceful elegance that is hard to beat. He is also one of the details that plays a big role during the photo shoot and looks fantastic on the wedding pictures. Thus one should not forget to buy such a fan equal with the bridal gown.

The most beautiful subjects for the bride

Bridal fans are often designed in antique style and often can not be closed. They are provided with a loop for the wrist, so that the bride can easily carry the fan with you and still keep your hands free, which is especially important during the ceremony.

Many bridal drawers are beautifully decorated, for example with miniature bridal bouquets, sequins or fine pearls. Hand-painted silks or fine lace are also among the materials that are used for subjects. When selecting the fan you should note the following:

– Color to match the wedding dress
– Open or close
– Provided with hand strap

Ornaments of the bridal fan

Finding a perfect bridal fan is not easy. There is a lot of choice these days and all the bridal fans look adorable in a way. This pretty wedding accessory is a total eye-catcher, especially if it is decorated with jewelry. Often small embroidered fabric flowers are glued to the fan firmly. So it does not look so boring. The subjects are also often sewn with lace and pearls are often seen. This gives the fan a tick of elegance. If you want something even more special, then fans with feathers or patterns are the right choice.

The bridal fan as a gift

A bridal fan is a pretty detail that can give, for example, the maid of honor to the bride. Not only is the fan a popular accessory during the wedding ceremony, which attracts the attention of the beholder, but also a beautiful memento of a day that the bride always likes to think back to. A particularly nice idea is to personalize the bridal subjects in such cases. With the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, the fan is a very individual gift that will make you happy. It is the perfect gift for the newlyweds.

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