Festive jewelry – wedding bracelet

For the day of their wedding, every bride wants to be like a princess. In addition to the wedding dress and a tasteful jewelry that makes the outfit perfect. A wedding bracelet is particularly appealing to the wedding dress without sleeves and is in the spotlight whenever the bride moves her arm. This is why a bracelet is often chosen for radiant rhinestones, in which the light breaks in a fascinating way. But gently shimmering pearls are also suitable for the wedding and express a noble elegance.

Wedding bracelet as a gift for the bride

A beautiful wedding bracelet is a wonderful wedding gift for the bride on her special day. If the groom selects a bracelet as a gift, then it should be a valuable part, which also fits the style and material of the wedding ring. However, girlfriends, sisters, or mothers may choose to give the bride a bracelet. These are suitable:

– bracelets with charms
– personalized bracelets
– bracelet made of crystal stones

When buying the bracelet you should, of course, primarily to the taste of the bride. You can, for example, orientate yourself on whether the bride prefers gold or silver jewelery and choose the bracelet accordingly.

Bracelets accompany the beautiful clothes

Of course, bridesmaids, flower girls and guests like to dress in a particularly attractive way for the wedding. For example, the bride can buy pretty, combined bracelets for the bridesmaids, who can wear them for the solemn day. Such a gesture is always appreciated by the ladies. For the little flower girls, the wedding is often the first opportunity to really dress up. Even with their equipment, a bracelet for the wedding should not be missing that can be decorated, for example, with a heart and the name of the girl. And guaranteed enthusiasm triggers.

Wedding bracelet: Where I wear the best bracelet?

A beautiful wedding bracelet is something special for the bride. Many wear a bracelet to the wedding instead of a wristwatch. But of course you can also wear a wristwatch. Many brides decide to wear the bracelet on the left wrist. But most decide to wear the bracelet on the right wrist, because the wedding ring is put on the right ring finger. Basically, it’s not so important where you wear the bracelet. It just has to look pretty and fit the bride.

Bracelet: rhinestone stones or pearls

Women are often crazy about shimmer and glitter. You do not say no with bracelets. Many brides have a bracelet with rhinestones around their wrist on the day of the wedding. It immediately catches the eye and it glitters very nicely. It is a total eye-catcher and it fits all bridal gowns. If you want something simple about your wrist, then pearl bracelets are probably the right thing. They also look very beautiful and very elegant. If you like it striking, choose big pearls, but if you want to stay classic, choose a delicate bracelet with white pearls. But you can also combine pearls and rhinestones. This too looks adorable and adapts perfectly to the wrist.

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