With a Bow Tie to the wedding

From the bride to the female guests, you can see busy activity weeks before a wedding when it comes to putting together a perfect wedding outfit. But also for the groom and the male guests, the question arises. Which suit and accessories are the perfect match for the wedding? With a traditional wedding bow tie, the suit or tuxedo always looks particularly elegant and looks particularly suitable for a festive wedding. Especially the groom should not miss a fly on his day of honor.

Wedding Bow Tie – details make for elegance

The groom will usually opt for a tuxedo for the wedding. The fly completes the appearance skilfully and ensures style and class for a perfect appearance. You should make sure that the fly fits the Pochette. You can opt for a black or a white fly.

Guests can also opt for a fly for the wedding party. This can be combined with different clothes and fits for example:

  • – suit
    – jacket
    – tuxedo
    – cut
    – tailcoat

Since today in everyday life very few men wear a bow tie, this looks festive and is just the right detail for the wedding to give the event a special character.

So the fly is tied

Once you’ve decided on a wedding tie and also found a suitable model, it’s about tying the accessory properly. In fact, it is much easier to tie a fly than you would expect. On the Internet you can find instructions with pictures and videos. Anyone who does not feel confident in tying the bow tie can opt for a ready-made model, which is simply attached to the shirt collar with a clip.

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