Boho wedding – a new trend that fascinates

The Boho Wedding or Bohemian Wedding is a new style to celebrate a wedding differently. The word Boheme is often used to describe an artistic milieu that defends itself consciously against bourgeois constraints and traditions. In terms of the wedding, the boho style is a way to marry as you please without being bound by the convention. But the boho wedding also has its own stylistic elements that characterize them as such. Noble, opulent fabrics, strong colors, which may also be combined with some golden tones, combine with a nonchalant nonchalance to a relaxed wedding atmosphere, in which one quickly feels good. Many stylistic elements match a boho wedding and the boundaries are not clear. The bride is left to create her own style.

Nice decoration ideas for the Boho Wedding

At the wedding you want to express the free lifestyle and therefore you can also give the decoration its own sense of style free rein. Beautiful decorative elements include, for example:

The decoration can also be enlivened by wedding signs and candles and lanterns are among the most popular pieces of jewelry on the wedding table. The boho wedding is often held outdoors, where nature is part of the decoration.

The perfect wedding dress for the boho wedding

For the wedding one chooses best a wedding dress that exudes a touch of hippie and bohemian. Silk dresses with embroidery can look just as beautiful as dresses in ethnic look. Naturalness is in high demand and jewelery and hairstyles should suit this style. Open hair with floral decoration and simple, handcrafted silver jewelry make the boho bride perfect. Make-up should also be natural and a simple and simple elegance should be created.

Boho wedding: beautiful accessories

The boho wedding is about bringing in as much natural and individual as possible. The bride and groom must feel well. Accessories should not be missing at the boho wedding. The bridal bouquet must fit perfectly with the wedding. Mostly he is made with different flowers, such as:


These flowers are often seen in the bridal bouquet. Of course you can decide for yourself which flowers you would like. The important thing is that it suits the bride. As a hair accessory you can leave a flower wreath ready. The jewelry must be chosen discreetly. A delicate bracelet and small earrings complete the look.

The perfect location

At the boho wedding you choose a beautiful wedding location. As you know, Boho Wedding is more about freedom and celebrating only in the open air. That’s why beaches and a small open location in nature are probably the best. You yourself can decide how to design the location. Strong colors are chosen rather, but nevertheless the looseness remains. Flowers and colorful decorations are used.

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