The most beautiful gift ideas for the Blue Sapphire Wedding

After 65 years of marriage, the Blue Sapphire Wedding is celebrated. The years have made the pair’s connection as strong as iron, and the honorable couple can proudly celebrate a successful marriage and celebrate extensively on this day. Of course, the couple to the Iron Wedding is already in advanced age, so that the party often takes place only in the immediate family. Nevertheless, one would like to congratulate on such a special day with a little attention to prove its appreciation and admiration. Of course, the special occasion requires that you come up with a very special gift idea. It does not depend on the price of the gift, but rather on the originality that one achieves in the selection.

Blue Sapphire Wedding Gift – give joy

If the jubilation pair is still vigorous, you can prepare a concert or theater tickets with pleasure. They offer the couple once more the opportunity to go out big. As a family member, you can also organize a trip together, for example, a small bus trip or a boat trip. For older people, such a trip can be a wonderful change.

Gifts for two to enjoy

Of course you can also find a whole range of gifts that the couple can enjoy at home. Of course, it is important to look for a gift that has a very special meaning for the couple. In addition to a good wine or a fine favorite dish, which is prepared especially for the couple, the following ideas are also popular:

  • – frame an old wedding photo
    – make a photo collage
    – a wedding bench
    – ornaments made of iron

Even with a homemade greeting card you can certainly conjure a smile on the faces of the couple and give them to understand that you have thought of the day of honor.

Here are a few suggestions for beautiful words at the wedding:

  • Today is your wedding day, a day so blessed
    We wish you good health and good luck in your ways. For eighteen decades you have climbed together,
    we hope and we wish you will come a long way. What you managed is rare today, we have to say,
    through each other strong and lovingly durchzutragen.Drum be the best wishes herewith brought,
    so that you can see and read that we thought of you.
  • Sixty-five years ago,
    there you have united.
    You said yes to each other,
    a word that means a lot, yes to love, yes to pleasure,
    Yes to loyalty, yes to frustration.
    Yes to peace, yes to quarrels,
    Yes to joy, yes to suffering. Yes to anger and anger,
    Yes to imagination and courage.
    Yes to hope and to Bang ‘
    Yes – for a lifetime.

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