Beach Wedding – A dream for individualists

Today, couples often want something special for their wedding. The traditional wedding simply does not fit with their lifestyle and they want to experience something unique on their big day. A beach wedding is a unique idea. To say yes to the infinite expanse of the sea is an uplifting experience that creates memories that you will never forget. You can marry at the onboard or Baltic Sea or even travel to exotic beaches, where the tropical sun is another factor that influences the wedding mood. The weather is definitely an important consideration when planning a beach wedding. If you decide for a wedding on German beaches, you should also work out a plan for a rainy weather in the summer.

Decoration for the Beach Wedding

The center of a beach wedding can be a tent or gazebo, which gives the couple a special place. This can be decorated with towels and flowers in a romantic way. A rug should be used for the bride’s path to the groom. This can be a bast mat, but also a carpet of red flowers that are strewn on the sand. The further decoration can be tailored to the specific location, but should always prefer maritime motifs. In question, among others:

  • – shellfish
    – starfish
    – fishing nets
    – small lighthouses
    hawaiian chains

If you are still on the beach after dark, torches provide a wonderful lighting.

Organize a Beach Wedding

If you plan to marry away from home, it is advisable to seek help from the location. You do not have any contacts at the wedding place and if you marry abroad, you often do not speak the local language. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a wedding planner with the details of the preparations. So you can guarantee a smooth flow of the wedding.

Beach Wedding – what to consider

If the outdoor wedding is to take place in a public place, such as a park, it is first necessary to obtain a permit from the municipality or city council. Thereupon chairs and tables have to be rented and the transport and erection arranged. Also with the caterer arrangements must be made, in which way the wedding menu in the free one best serves. Sufficient ice for cooling the drinks is also to be considered. If the location is outside the city, the transport of the guests should be considered. This may require a shuttle bus to be rented. Furthermore, toilet facilities such as mobile toilets need to be provided and the music may need to be supplied with power from a mobile generator.

Here you will find a great collection of useful wedding planning tips.