Balloons for the wedding – a romantic tradition

If you want to celebrate a traditional wedding, you should also cultivate old customs and customs that have a double meaning. On the one hand they are happy to wish the young bride and groom luck and on the other hand they are points in wedding program, which contribute to the entertainment of the guests. The rise of balloons at the wedding is one of these customs. It’s getting more and more popular balloons to rise and is captured with a nice memory.

Balloons Wedding – This is required for balloon flights leave

A balloon wedding game is often not organized by the newlyweds themselves, but falls into the scope of the best man and can also be a gift from the guests. Flying the balloons wedding turned out to be relatively easy. You need:

– colorful balloons in beautiful colors and shapes
– Balloon cord
– Balloon cards
– Helium for filling

Often you can buy these individual components as a finished set. If you decide to buy all items individually, it is important to pay attention to the fact that they are suitable for helium when selecting the balloons. The balloons are especially popular in the colors of the wedding.

This is how the balloon game looks

Gladly you can raise the balloons at the wedding, as soon as the bride and groom come from the church or the registry office. Each guest receives a balloon to which a balloon string and a balloon card are attached. The date of the wedding and the name and address of the bride and groom are noted on the card. Then all the guests let their balloons rise to the sky at the same time, which creates a particularly romantic image. Often the balloons fly many miles. It is customary for the finder of the balloon card to send a message to the wedding couple to let them know where a balloon was found. So the couple will enjoy this nice game even after the wedding.

Selection of balloons for the wedding

There is a huge selection of balloons for the wedding. Many bride and groom buy balloons in different shapes. Most forms used are the balloon hearts. They signal the love and look very beautiful. It is also nice if you adapt the balloons to the motto of the wedding. The color also plays a big role. You can let the balloons in two colors or in several colors. This will definitely give a nice overall picture in the air. Often, sayings or pictures are printed on balloons. A nice saying what you can print on the balloons is: “You & Me to the end of the world”. You can of course print on every single balloon different spells. You can look at a variety of balloons and decide which balloons you would like to climb with your guests. You can either buy the balloons in shops or order them here in our online shop.

Balloons for the table decoration

Not only can balloons be raised in front of the church or the registry office, but they are also often used for wedding decoration. Especially in the wedding location, the balloons are often to be seen at tables. This is a total eye-catcher again. You might want to be careful that no child pinches out the balloons and then lets them fly on the blanket. You can take small balloons. So the room does not look so crowded.

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