Joy for bridal couple and guests with balloons for the wedding

At weddings, one likes to cultivate beautiful customs, which give a romantic touch to the celebration and delight both the bridal couple and the guests. This also includes the rising of colorful, filled with helium balloons. At many weddings, the balloons are dropped as soon as the newlyweds leave the church or the registry office. This is how the pretty custom serves to greet the wedding couple. Since scattering of rose petals, confetti or rice is prohibited in many places today, wedding balloons serve as a perfect greeting for all guests.

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Balloons for the wedding – How to organize unique wedding balloons

The ballooning of wedding balloons is often not organized by the bridal couple themselves, but rather by a groomsman or family members. Often it is a wedding present that serves as a surprise for the bridal couple. The organization of the wedding balloons is quite simple. One needs for each guest:

– Balloon
– String for the balloon
– balloon card
– Helium for filling

Each guest will receive a filled balloon for the wedding and a balloon card. After the balloon cards are filled, all the guests fly their balloons at the same time and fill the sky with a colorful sea of ​​colors. Of course, the bridal couple can get their first balloon. The balloons are available in many different colors and shapes, with the heart shape being particularly popular.

Balloons wedding – joy even after the wedding

The flying of the balloons also has another romantic aspect, which the bride and groom often enjoy long after the wedding. According to the prevailing wind and the air flow, the helium-filled balloons can often fly quite far. It is a tradition that the finder of the balloon sends a reply to the bride and groom, which he is also asked to do on the balloon card. Thus, the bridal couple often receives cards from far away regions and can look forward to greetings, which often even come from outside their own city.

Watching for exceptions

Basically, you do not need permits if you want balloons on your wedding. Nevertheless, it could be different and therefore it would be advisable to explore in advance. If you are in the vicinity of international commercial airports, or if you are within 15 km of regional or military airports, there may be difficulties in the following circumstances. Likewise, you must pay attention to the number of your balloons. If it exceeds the amount of 500 balloons, you must obtain a permit.

It should also be noted that the balloons will not rise in a bundle, but only individually. Flammable gases should not be used when filling the balloons – with the exception of helium! Even the attachment of heavy, hard objects such as wood, metal, lamps, etc. is prohibited. If you are going to do things like the above, you need an air traffic control clearance. You must submit an application at least two weeks in advance to your local air traffic control office. This application can also be completed online.

Balloons Wedding – Suitable Material

The currently popular foil balloons have good properties, such as the significantly longer hovering time compared to normal balloons. The only downside is that they are slightly more expensive than conventional ones. Latex balloons have a higher permeability, so they have to be slightly larger – who wants to have big, beautiful balls, which is just right.

As far as filling is concerned, it is best to ask the manufacturer of the balloon gas how many bottles are needed approximately. You should also make sure not to fill them too early, because unfortunately the helium escapes too fast and then they do not fly so well. The cards can be distributed to the wedding guests in advance. So they have more time to think about what they want to write up and wish the bride and groom. Taking a look at the weather report daily does not hurt to see if a balloon climb is even possible. Rain and wind worsen the flight conditions and should therefore be avoided. Just in case just let it climb for a few hours prescribed or unfortunately fail, depending on the situation.

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