Balloon flight tickets to the wedding: a delightful pleasure

One of the traditions that is very popular at weddings is the rising of balloons filled with helium. Depending on the weather and the wind, these balloons can often fly surprisingly far and in this way distribute the happy message of the wedding in all directions. Therefore, it is also particularly interesting to attach balloon flight tickets for the wedding on the balloons. These are furnished with the address of the bridal couple and include the request to the finder to send them back. So many weeks later, after the wedding, the young couple arrive with balloon cards, which each time give a little joy and remind of the most beautiful day in life.

Balloon Air Tickets Wedding – A highlight on the feast

The balloon flight tickets are a wonderful entertainment for the guests. All invited guests can participate in the game. For this one needs:

– a helium-filled balloon for each guest
– one balloon card per balloon
– Sufficient balloon cord

During the game, each guest receives a balloon on a string and a balloon flight ticket to the wedding. Now guests can write a special request on the cards and attach them to the balloon with the string. When all the guests are done, they let the balloons rise together into the sky. This custom is also great for greeting the newlyweds when the couple marches out of the church.

Find the right balloon flight tickets

Getting balloon tickets for a wedding is about choosing the right model. In particular, one must pay attention to the weight, because a light card with the balloon can fly much easier. You can opt for pretty designs on the cards and also have the address, wedding date and spell print on the cards. Thus, the balloon flight maps can be designed entirely according to your own wishes and ensure a lot of enthusiasm among the guests at the festival.

Selection of balloon flight tickets for the wedding

Ballonflugkarten Hochzeit: Ballooning balloons is a dream moment for the bridal couple and the invited wedding guests. There is a huge selection of balloon flight tickets for your wedding. Beautiful are balloon flight tickets when they are decorated or printed with beautiful motif. There may be different motives, such as pigeons, or if you have a specific motto, you can also reflect this on the map. Often the names of the bride and groom are written on the cards or even a nice photo of the two printed on the cards. The card can also be designed with hearts and great colors. You can also have the balloon flight map created according to your topic in a print shop. The card must not be too big and, above all, not too heavy. The shape does not necessarily have to be rectangular. The card can also be cut in a heart shape.

Balloon flight tickets on the Internet

There is a large selection on the Internet, especially here in our online shop. You can look at a variety of maps and then take a picture of how you want them. That helps you a lot, because that’s how you see the different maps and you can decide in peace. Then you can either order the maps online or design them yourself.

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