Noble accessories for the elegant groom

As well as accessories are necessary for the bride, in order to put together the perfect look, suitable accessories are also part of the equipment of the groom. As with the bride, the groom should first buy the suit and then choose the accessories that fit perfectly. The most popular accessories for the groom include:

bow tie

Even with men, the special is always in the detail and a clever choice of accessories, the groom can easily put in the right light.

Accessories groom: bow tie or tie

If you marry in a tuxedo or even in a tailcoat, the fly is the perfect accessory. Especially in plain black it offers a wonderful contrast to the white shirt and exudes cosmopolitan charm. If you marry in a suit, you can also opt for a tie that can have different colors. Sometimes the tie is also chosen in a color that matches the bride’s dress and the wedding color scheme. Of course it is especially important that a tie or bow tie fits the suit and the shirt. Matching the tie, you can also opt for a pocket square, which is worn in the breast pocket of the jacket.

Precious cufflinks give a special elegance

Cufflinks are worn today by the men only on special occasions. They are clearly visible under the jacket sleeve and contribute significantly to an elegant appearance. When wearing a watch or a men’s bracelet, make sure that the cufflinks match. Cufflinks are also great as a gift for the groom, which is usually made by the bride. Cufflinks are available in silver or real gold. If you opt for a timeless model, it can be worn for a lifetime on special occasions.

Accessory groom: suspenders

Wearing suspenders at the wedding is a total eye-catcher. It is very modern. Braces are increasingly being used because they are a fashionable accessory. If you are going to wear suspenders, the color of the tie or bow tie would be the color of the color, there is a very large selection. Examples of suspenders are:

-striped suspenders
-suspenders with pattern
-colored suspenders

The perfect belt for the groom

The belt is suitable as a groom accessory very well. He definitely belongs to the equipment for the suit. The belt not only serves for the fit of the pants, it completes the overall picture. The color of the belt is often adjusted to suit. But you can also combine the belt with the shoes. Pay attention to the quality of the belt. A leather belt looks very elegant and pompous. The buckle should be discreet. When choosing the right belt, it should be ensured that it fits you and creates a beautiful overall picture.

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