Saving tips for the wedding

At a wedding, there are some ways to save, here is a small overview of different saving tips!

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Eat & Drink

1) A buffet is often cheaper than a single menu, especially if you have to offer two different ones.

2) Instead of champagne, just use champagne just to toast.

3) Mostly it is possible to bring the wine and pay the restaurant only a corkage and buy big bottles instead of small ones!

4) You can certainly bring the cake to the restaurant and you may have to pay only a flat rate per place.

5) Or you just offer the wedding cake as a dessert, in addition to the normal cake.

6) Fruits and vegetables of the season, are also more and more fashionable at weddings and they do not cost much!

Flowers & Decoration


1) Take a look in the garden or while walking through the forest for natural materials for decoration.

2) Organize a home decorating party with friends and do it yourself.

3) Flowers of the season are often cheaper than certain and today, the weddings are sometimes very colorful.

4) Use a lot of green for table settings and decoration

5) Or you minimize the whole decoration on only single flowers as a table arrangement or decoration!


1) Instead of engaging expensive professionals to invite friends and acquaintances to the craft lesson.

2) Use your own car as a wedding car, borrow the car from friends or acquaintances – it does not always have to be a limousine.

3) Wedding dress and suit can also be borrowed.

4) Create thanks, table and invitation cards yourself – also online at low prices.

5) From close family members or friends who give cake or other as a gift.

6) Let the wedding take place in spring or autumn, as the prices are very high in the summer!

7) During the week, as well as on Fridays and Sundays, everything is often cheaper with regard to the wedding party!

4 recommended books to save money at the wedding

 Final tip: Plan the wedding with the perfect notebook

When you start planning your wedding, it is important that you have a matching notebook where you can write down all the details you need to assemble the best ideas for your wedding. With appropriate planning, you can optimize any amount of costs and thus save.

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