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  • October 20, 2018

So you can save money at the wedding

Marrying is a costly business today. Even with the first calculation of the budget, you often find that you have to look for cheap options. Saving at the wedding inspires creativity and you can arrange a wonderful wedding that is perfectly compatible with the budget available.

Note: Here you will find out what costs you have to expect at a wedding depending on the effort.

Ideas for a reasonably priced wedding dinner

The traditional wedding feast is a big part of spending for the wedding. If one decides with a caterer for a buffet or a menu, already comes with a medium-sized group of people quickly a larger sum to the bridal couple. But there are some attractive ways to reduce the cost of a wedding dinner.

For example, it is possible to organize a champagne reception for all guests after the wedding ceremony. You can also serve small snacks that can be presented in an elegant way. If you want, you can go out to dinner with all your guests after this get-together with the closest family.

Another possibility is to organize a buffet at home or at home. You can prepare many meals yourself, with mothers, maids and friends are sure to help. If you want, you can order some special dishes from the caterer to give the buffet a special touch.

Traditionally, a cake belongs to the wedding. A multi-storey, beautifully decorated wedding cake is of course a feast for the eyes, but also associated with considerable costs. If there is a hobby baker in the family, then a home-baked cake can be a wonderful and inexpensive solution. If you want to save the baking, you can also serve biscuits. For example, muffins are very good for this, which can be nicely decorated and decorative.

Floral decoration: Effective idea for little money

Flower decorations are in demand at the wedding. There are florists who specialize in such decorations. But such a flower arrangement also has its price. If you want to keep the expenses for this item low, so it is advisable to put the flowers themselves. In the hardware store you can get flowers such as orchids or azaleas often reasonably priced. Such a flower is in a beautiful pot a beautiful table decoration that looks elegant and festive. Also you can use colorful bouquets in simple glass vases as a table decoration. You should choose flowers of the season, which are cheap available. For the fall you can also replace the flowers with branches with colorful foliage and decide in winter for fir green. A romantic table decoration can also be put together with rose petals. You can give them together with floating candles in glass bowls, which are filled with water.

Music at the wedding: Inexpensive and original

Music creates the right atmosphere at the wedding and should therefore be chosen carefully. But that does not have to be expensive. Often there is a person in the family or in the circle of friends who has a beautiful singing voice or plays an instrument. One can ask this person to recite a song in the church. Not only does it save the cost of a singer in the church, it also provides a personal touch.

Even with the music at the festival you can fall back on the help of friends. Young people in particular are happy to be DJs for the wedding. Of course, a list of the songs should be put together beforehand, so that the right thing is for all guests. It is also possible to ask guests to put together wish lists with songs that they would like to hear at the wedding and perhaps also to make one or the other CD available.

Even live music can be organized in a cheap way. For example, you can inquire at a music school and hire a student who can provide musical entertainment for a few hours without charging a high salary.

So you can save on the wedding dress

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her day of honor. But a wedding dress with matching accessories is in many cases almost unaffordable. But there are many ways to find a wedding dress that does not cost you much. If you prefer a simple look, you can have a simple wedding dress made by a seamstress. However, there is always an offer of used bridal dresses that are offered for sale by brides after the wedding. Wedding forums, Ebay or thrift stores in the city are ideal sources to find such a dress for little money. Another option is to borrow a bridal gown. There are rentals that specialize in bridal wear and have many different models to choose from. If you marry civil, so you can opt for a white costume, about a trouser suit. Such a garment can also be worn again and again later.

Expenses that can be saved

If a limited budget forces you to save, the estimate will include a few items that can be canceled. This includes, for example, the professional wedding photographer. With digital camera or even with a good smartphone today excellent pictures can be made and some guests are only too happy to take on this task.

Also, the bridal shoes are not necessarily among the items that must be purchased. Under a long wedding dress they are barely visible anyway, so you can also use pumps that you already own. If no white pumps are on hand, you can also wear a model in silver or gold for a bridal gown.

The honeymoon is no longer popular with all couples today. Many couples can only spend a few days short holiday nearby, or leave the honeymoon in favor of other purchases completely.

At these points should not be saved

However, some expenses are inevitable at the wedding. This includes, for example, the sparkling wine. This should be abundant and also of good quality. The bridal bouquet should definitely be present and may not be missing on the wedding photos. Also in the service of the guests should not be saved, so that sufficient staff is available to serve food and drinks. The bridal hairstyle should be doctored by a professional so that she sits well all day long.

Final tip: Plan the wedding with the perfect notebook

When you start planning your wedding, it is important that you have a matching notebook where you can write down all the details you need to assemble the best ideas for your wedding. With appropriate planning, you can optimize any amount of costs and thus save.

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