Planning a Protestant Wedding

According to Luther’s teaching, marriage is considered a secular matter in the Evangelical Church and therefore civil marriage is also recognized in the Church. If the couple would like to celebrate the wedding in the church, this takes place in the context of a church service, in which the marriage previously made at the registry office is placed under the blessing of God.

Once you have clarified the desired date for a Protestant wedding, you should speak to the responsible pastor’s office to make a reservation for this date. You should arrange this as early as possible so that you can get the desired date and allow yourself enough time for the wedding preparations.

Requirements for the Protestant Wedding Ceremony

In the Protestant Church, too, some prerequisites have to be met in order to be able to use the church ceremony. These include:

– at least one of the partners must be Protestant.
– a civil wedding must have already taken place
– presentation of the marriage certificate
– baptism certificate from the parish office of the baptismal community
– confirmation of confirmation
– ID card

Before the ceremony, various conversations take place between the pastor and the newlyweds. The young couple not only receives advice on married life, but also has the opportunity to actively participate in the organization of the service. Prayers and texts that are to be read at the Protestant wedding can be selected and one can also influence the musical arrangement.

The contingent

While there has been no notice at the registry office for years to protect the privacy of the bride and groom, the order is still common in the Protestant church today. The upcoming marriage is announced in two ways: firstly by a notice in the church and secondly in an oral form during the service. However, just like at the registry office in the Evangelical Church, witnesses are no longer necessary.

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