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  • December 16, 2018

The secrets of the perfect summer wedding

Summer weddings are wonderfully romantic and very popular with couples. Even more than sun and warmth, the summer season also provides the most wonderful ideas for the design and decoration of the wedding. Full, bright colors, lush floral decorations, tropical motifs and an outdoor location are just a few of the possibilities that are offered at a summer wedding.

The outdoor wedding – a nice trend for summer

When the weather is fine, there is no need to party in closed halls. That is why many couples choose an outdoor location at the summer wedding. The possibilities are many. The garden in the parents’ house, a park or the beach can provide a wonderful background for the wedding party. However, it makes sense to think of a few things if you want to celebrate outdoors, with which the festival is sure to be a complete success. For one thing, you have to provide shade. As nice as the warm sunshine is, during the hottest hours of the day, guests look for a cool spot. Therefore, you should look out for sun sails and parasols in good time, which can be spanned or set up at different locations in the location. It is also important to work out an alternative plan, in case there is rainy weather on the day of the festival. If you don’t want to move the wedding into a hall, you can help yourself with a rented marquee, for example. You should inquire in good time where you can get such a tent. In the days before the wedding, it is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast so that the alternative plan can also be carried out in a timely manner. An ideal solution can also be a ballroom with a large garden area.

The most beautiful decoration for the summer wedding

In summer there is a huge selection of flowers that are ideal for decorating the wedding. Roses, callas, sunflowers or simple meadow flowers can be used to decorate the tables. The same flowers can also be reflected in the bridal bouquet and can even be made into small wedding pins for men. When choosing the color theme for the wedding, in summer you like to choose full colors that glow in the sun. Green can be a wonderful idea for decoration and can be combined with the colors of nature. But colors like blue and white can also be combined to create a summery marine look. Decorations with shells, sand and even fishing nets can be used for decoration. become. Pink and apricot are also colors that radiate summer lightness and look wonderful at a garden wedding. A Mediterranean theme is also suitable for a summer wedding. For decoration you can use olive branches and rosamarine, which can be wonderfully combined with bright, sunny colors. Small bottles with olive oil are suitable as a gift, and pastries, chiabatta and olive oil can be offered at the table.

This is how guests feel comfortable at the summer wedding

Drink a lot in warm weather and water is the best option. You can mix lemon juice and mint leaves with ice-cold water, or add different berries to the water. This gives the water a pleasant taste and also looks very appealing when served in large glass carafes. A fruit juice bar can also be a welcome way to provide guests with enough non-alcoholic potions. Of course, you can also offer cyclists or wine mixed with water if you want to be careful with alcohol consumption in warm weather. Stronger drinks can be offered at a later hour.

Ice cream is a popular treat for young and old. So guests will surely appreciate an ice cream stand at the summer wedding. You can offer traditional sundaes or, for example at the DIY wedding, serve homemade specialties. Melon ice cream, for example, is easy to make and is a wonderful refreshment.

You can also add other little things to make guests feel comfortable in warm weather. Small hand fans offer themselves as a guest gift, with which the guests can fan cool themselves. A small kit for guests, which contains sunscreen and refreshing towels, is also a gift for guests, which is valued at the summer wedding.

Summer festive menus and trendy snack ideas

At a wedding in summer, it is of course important to ensure that the food does not quickly become unsightly when it is hot. If you don’t have a cool place under the roof where a buffet can be set up, you should think of a menu that is served at the table. Guests will be asked for particularly light meals when the temperatures are high. That is why it makes sense to offer salads and vegetables in addition to light meat or poultry dishes. Live cooking is a new trend for weddings today and can also be used for summer weddings. Whether you choose freshly prepared sushi or organize a summer barbecue depends of course on the taste of the guests. Another great idea is food trucks. Such a restaurant on wheels now offers stylish food that can range from vegan food to currywurst and hamburgers. In any case, such a truck is a great attraction for guests and can also be used for snacks that are offered at the evening party.

The perfect clothes for the summer wedding

When it comes to summer weddings, formalities should be a little less important when it comes to clothing. While the women can of course be dressed in beautiful summer dresses according to the season, it is a great relief for the men if they can take off their saccos for the festival. For the wedding in the green, it is also a nice idea to provide a basket with flip-flops for the ladies. When the elegant shoes become uncomfortable in the midday heat, guests can find relief

The bride should also be dressed according to the weather. If you are planning to get married in midsummer, you should choose a dress that is as light as possible. It is important to consider whether you want to choose a short wedding dress. Many brides also opt for a formal wedding dress that is worn for the ceremony and a second, light dress for the party. So the bride can enjoy the summer wedding with all her heart.

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