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  • December 16, 2018

The secrets of the perfect spring wedding

Spring weddings are particularly romantic for many couples. Nature begins to prepare for a new bloom, the days are slowly getting longer and the temperatures are milder. So this season creates a positive mood that is perfect for a wedding. There are many details that can be worked out in the planning to make the festival really perfect this time of year.

This is how the bride dresses for the spring wedding

Choosing the wedding dress for the spring wedding can be quite difficult as the weather can be quite changeable. The sun can shine at the appointment, but a cool wind with rain showers must also be expected. Tulle can be just the right material for the wedding dress. The super-light fabric is wonderful to wear in warm weather and if you choose a bulky skirt, it can also keep the wind out. If you want to choose a strapless dress, you should choose a suitable jacket for the spring wedding that can be pulled on when the weather is cool on the wedding day. In addition, you can complete the look for the spring bride with accessories that are as elegant as they are practical. These include long, white bridal gloves, which give the formal outfit a certain flair and at the same time protect against cold hands. Also a white umbrella should not be missing at the spring wedding, as it can provide protection during a rain shower. The bridal umbrella looks wonderfully romantic in the photos.

Appropriately decorated for the spring wedding

After the opulence of the festivities in winter, a spring wedding can be made very well with light floral designs in beautiful pastel colors. For the table decoration you can choose a white tablecloth that can be combined with colorful serviettes, a scatter decoration and candles in spring colors. So it is possible to give the wedding an elegant frame and at the same time set accents that correspond to the season. Delicate artificial flowers, which are now available in a variety of colors, are also excellent for the table. Spring weddings are also often celebrated at Easter. If this is the case, you can pick up typical motifs for table decoration. Small table figures such as rabbits or chicks, for example, appear delightful and can be presented in small nests made from fresh branches.

If spring is to serve as the motto for the wedding, the floral decoration is put together from the seasonal flowers. Flowers such as daffodils and crocuses or tulips can already be found in March. In April you can also get daffodils or spring carnations. When putting the flowers together, it is important to maintain a color combination that matches the general color scheme of the wedding. Such flowers not only fit wonderfully for the wedding, they are also available more cheaply than exotic flowers that have to be flown in. Therefore, you can easily plan a lavish sea of ​​flowers with delicate spring bouquets. The flowers can be put together with pretty ribbons in pastel colors. Such a decoration can be worked out inexpensively and yet does not lack its effect. Some unusual elements can also be incorporated into the decoration. Old watering cans filled with flowers or an antique bicycle decorated with flowers are some of the ideas that go perfectly with the spring wedding. You can also make large rosettes from crepe paper in matching colors, which are wonderful as wall decoration, for example as a background for the cake buffet. This is how spring arrives in the wedding location.

This is how guests feel comfortable at the spring wedding

A champagne reception is an elegant way to greet guests after the wedding in all seasons. In spring, however, you can still set some accents that correspond to the season. An aromatic lilac lemonade tastes for guests who do not want to drink alcohol. Macarons, which are available in delicate spring colors such as yellow, pink or light green, can be served as small delicacies. When eating, you can of course choose between a served menu or a buffet. A combination of the two variants is also conceivable. In spring, you should take advantage of the many fresh vegetables. That can start with an asparagus cream soup that is served at the table. Then you can offer a salad buffet. Spinach, kohlrabi, carrots and salads are now freshly available and offer a wide selection on the salad buffet. The usual meat dishes are of course possible for the main course. In spring, however, you can also work with lamb, suckling pig or even deer and create exceptional dishes that guests will enjoy.

The wedding cake is always one of the highlights of the wedding party. It flaunts on the cake buffet and is repeatedly admired and photographed by the guests. In spring, high cakes with five or six tiers are the trend. The cakes can be decorated with floral motifs and thus fit in with the spring theme. Around the wedding cake there are other sweet treats on the cake buffet. Cupcakes, macarons and petit fours can be wonderfully decorated in spring-like pastel colors.

As a small thank you to the guests, it is customary to hand out favors. Here, too, you can come up with some ideas that fit perfectly with spring. Flower seeds or small pots with a plant plant make the guests happy and can remind them of the wonderful wedding for a long time.

Wonderful locations for the spring wedding

If you plan the wedding in spring, it is easier to book a dream location at relatively short notice. The high season for weddings is between June and October. It is therefore not necessary to book in advance for appointments in spring. In addition, many locations are also available more cheaply than in summer. Therefore, you should take a look around castles or other romantic places that can give the wedding a particularly unforgettable setting. Of course, you should still choose the location as early as possible, since it forms the cornerstone for wedding planning. It can also be a good idea to choose a location that has a garden. In good weather, you can move some of the activities outdoors and enjoy the mild spring air.

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